Salor rugs

The educational rug photo-gallery with Salor rugs is one of the first published sections of Jozan Magazine. Images in the Salor rug gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.

Salor chuval. Exhibitor Milani
Salor bagface
Lot 189. Salor Chuval, Turkmenistan 1st half 19th cent., 2ft. 8in. x 4ft. 3in. 81 x 130 cm. First half of the 19th century. Estimate €25,000 – €35,000
Lot 161. Salor Chuval, Turkmenistan circa 1800, 2ft. 3in. x 3ft. 5in. 69 x 104 cm. Circa 1800. Estimate €10,000 – €14,000
Lot 88. Salor Chuval, Turkmenistan circa 1860, 2ft. 6in. x 3ft. 9in. 76 x 114 cm. Circa 1860. Estimate €7,000 – €9,000
Lot 404, a massive Salor-gul Turkmen main carpet, Turkmenistan, last quarter 19th century, 21ft. 1in. x 17ft. 1in. 6.43m. x 5.21m. Estimate £15,000 – £25,000
Lot 11, a late 19th century silk embroidered Turkman asmalyk probably Salor or Saryk. Size 2ft. x 4ft.7in. (60cm. x 138cm.) Estimate £18,000 – £22,000
Salor wedding trapping circa 1700 exhibited by David Sorgato
From an Asian Private Collector. A Salor Wedding trapping, Central Turkestan. Circa 1800. Approximately 81 x 211 cm. $40,000-60,000
Salor Chuval, Turkmenistan, 1st half 19th ct. Provenance: From the Dr. Werner Loges Collection of Turkoman Rugs. Size 81 x 139 cm. Estimate 3000 EUR
Lot 158, a 18th century Salor main carpet
Lot 42, Salor main carpet, Turkmenistan, 18th/19th century
Lot 38: A SALOR TORBA, early 19th Century, ak su design with pink silk multiple guls, 44″ x 15″ Estimate: £6,000 – 7,000
Lot 16, a 19th century Salor chuval 90×144 cm. Estimate 1,600 EUR.
An extremely rare pre S Group Salor chuval. 1750 or earlier.


Lot 805, a rare Salor Ensi, Turkestan, 18th c., 5’10” x 4’4”, estimate $10,000-20,000


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