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Jozan Rug Directory includes links to rug dealers, educational rug sites, rug clubs, museums, magazines and organizations. The directory is organized in country sektions.

Contact if you have a rug site and want to be included in the Rug Directory. Please also let me know if you find a dead link or an abondoned website pointing to an inappropriate site. And of course – we appreciate a reciprocal link to Jozan Magazine.


The Rug Shop – Australia
Oriental rarpets, rugs, Oriental textiles and pre-columbian textiles.

Nomadic Rug Traders – Australia
Old tribal and village rugs.

Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales – Australia
The Oriental Rug Society of NSW Inc is an Australian non-profit voluntary society.

Cyrus Persian Rugs – Australia
Handmade area rugs and Persian rugs.


Austria Auction Company – Austria
Founded in 2013, the Austria Auction Company (AAC) conducts auctions of high quality antique Oriental rugs. AAC has established itself among the top auction houses selling antique oriental rugs.

Dorotheum – Austria
Art and collectors items including carpets


Azerbaijan Rugs – Azerbaijan
New, old and antique Caucasian rugs.

Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum – Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum was established in 1967. From 1967 to 1993, the museum was called the Azerbaijan State Museum of Carpet and Folk Applied Arts, from 1993 to 2014 – State Museum of Carpet and Applied Arts named after Latif Karimov, from 2014 to 2019 – Azerbaijan Carpet Museum, and from 2019 to the present – Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum.


Michel Antoine Handmade Carpets and Kilims – Belgium
Antique and new Oriental rugs and kilims.


eCarpetGallery Rugs & Carpets – Canada
Handmade Oriental and Persian rugs direct from the source. Canadian importer and dealer of hand-woven rugs.

Salari Fine Persian Carpets – Canada
Store specialising in Persian carpets. Selection of antique and tribal pieces

Textile Museum of Canada – Canada
The Textile Museum of Canada Web site features information about current exhibitions, programs, events and activities as well as providing digital access to the TMC textile collection.

Global Rug Gallery – Canada
Area rugs, contemporary and classic designs.


China Antique Carpet Collection – China
Antique and semi antique rugs from Ninghsia, Xinjiang, Inner-Mongolia, Tibet and Beijing. Collection also include new Chinese silk rugs.

Elvis Ablimit Ghopor – China
Wholesaler of Chinese Khotan and Yarkand oriental rugs and carpets.

Elvis Ablimit Tours – China
Organizer of tours in and around Kashgar, Xinjiang

Torana Carpets – China
Handmade Tibetan carpets from the companys workshop in Lhasa, antique carpets from Tibet and China

Savonnerie Carpets & Rugs – China
Manufacturer and exporter of oriental rugs, area rugs and silk rugs

Bosi Rugs & Carpets – China
Manufacturer and wholesaler of hand knotted rugs

China Henan Yamei Carpet Factory – China
Manufacturer and exporter of hand knotted rugs


Jozan Magazine on Oriental Rugs – Denmark
Online magazine on oriental rugs. Articles, auction news, sales gallery and a large rug photo gallery.

Wiinstedt Tæppegalleri – Denmark
Denmarks oldest antique rug store

Danish Rug Society
The society was established in 1985 by Hans Elmby and holds 5-8 annual meetings.

Rezas – Denmark
Oriental and Modern Rugs

Bruun Rasmussen Auctions – Denmark
Web site for Bruun Rasmussen Auctions.


Galerie Triff – France
Modern, semiantique and antique kilims. French and English version.

Atlas Kilim Berbere – France
Antique rugs and weavings from the Berber Tribes of Morocco. English and French version.

Kilims ADA – France
Antique and contemporary kilims, bags and pillows


Nagel Auctions – Germany
Auctioneers for fine arts and antiques. Specialist rugs and carpets sale. Includes an art sale price database with more than 1600 rugs and carpets. English and German versions.

Ex Oriente – Germany
Old and antique carpets and kilims. New carpets and kilims from own production in Turkey. Information on the technology of the use of natural dyestuffs. English and German versions.

Galerie ArabesQue – Germany
Collectible Oriental rugs, kilims and textiles.

Galerie M. Tehrani – Germany
Old and antique rugs – kilims -textiles; collector pieces like saddlebags, bags, animal trappings and tent bands; decorative roomsize carpets.

Van Ham Kunst Auktionen – Germany
Fine art auction house for Paintings, Sculptures, Modern art, Furniture, Silver, Jewelry, Tapestries and Rugs & Carpets. English and German versions.

Gallery KELIM – Germany
Antique Anatolian kilims. – Germany
Reinhard Blanck and Stefan Dobadka’s Central Asia Collection – Kyrgyz and Uzbeks rugs and textiles.

Rippon Boswell – Germany
Specialist auctioneers for antique carpets and textiles. At least four auctions each year, usually in March, May, September and November. English and German versions.

Najib – Germany
Antique rugs and kilims

Djoharian – Germany
Oriental rugs and carpets. Offers a wide range of classic Persian rugs.

Auktionshaus Homm – Germany
Hans-Joachim Homms auction house. Art, antiques and carpets


Kilim Hali – Greece
Old and antique rugs and kilims.

Taba Tabaee Trading – Greece
Handmade oriental carpets and rugs from all over Persia


Orientations – Hong-Kong
Magazine for collectors of Asian art


ABC Overseas – India
Handmade carpets in wool and silk.

Obeetee – India
Producer and exporter of hand-knotted, hand-tufted and flatwoven carpets.

Trade Crafts – India
Manufacturers and exporters of Kashmir Handmade handknotted rugs and carpets.

Rugs Carpet News – Fibre2fashion – India
Online daily updates news for global textiles carpet and rugs industry

The Carpet Cellar – India
Carpet manufacturer and suppliers. Rugs, kilims and wall hangings.

Loomage India – India
Manufacturer of rugs, carpets & mats.

Adarsh Exports – India
Handmade carpets

Jaipur Rugs Company – India
Manufacturer and exporter of superior wool, wool-silk, pure silk and contemporary rugs


Sobhe Trading – Iran
Exporter of Persian carpets and flatweaves with own production.

Old Tribal Rugs Group – Iran
Tribal and antique Persian rugs.

Persian Rugs & Carpets

Sofreh Gallery – Iran
Carpets and textiles.

Kamoo Gallery – Iran
Tribal rugs and carpets, bags and textiles

Haghighat Nomads – Iran
Persian hand made arts and tribal rugs.

Manouchehr Haghighat – Iran
Persian rugs, kilims, bags and sofrehs


Peter Linden – Ireland
Irelands main retailer of old and antique carpets, rugs and textiles.

Myles Quirke – Ireland
Stock of Turkish, Persian, Afghan and Caucasian rugs and Kilims


Sartirana Textile Show
Website for the annual antique rug and textile fair

David Sorgato – Italy
Antique and decorative carpets and textiles.

Moshe Tabibnia – Italy
Antique Oriental rugs and textile art. English and Italian versions.

Morandi Carpets – Italy
Oriental rugs and carpets, sales and service. Website includes Italian and English versions.

Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania – Italy
Web site about the book – Ottoman Rugs in Transylvania

Nader – Italy
Antique and decorative carpets.

Parvizyar – Italy
Oriental rugs and carpets, textiles and tapestries.

GB Rugs & Tapestry – Italy
Antique rugs and kilims, decorative carpets and textiles, kilims; cleaning and repair. – Italy
The company initially imported rugs from Iran to Italy but later expanded to include imports from India and Pakistan. The inventory ranges from traditional to modern rugs..


Antique Tibetan Rugs, Art & Textiles – Japan
Antique Tibetan rugs and Indian textiles. Photos from Tibet.


Chiloian Gallery – Lebanon
Antique Rugs & Carpets

Iwan Maktabi – Lebanon
Antique tribal rugs and decorative carpets

Hassan Maktabi & Sons – Lebanon
Antique, decorative and tribal rugs.

Traditional, Decorative & Modern Carpets – Lebanon
Traditional, Decorative & Modern Carpets


Designer House and Crafts – Nepal
Handmade and custom designed rugs from Nepal


Lars N. Nygård Orientalske Tepper – Norway
Lars N. Nygård Oriental rugs and carpets


Tea and Carpets – Other
Tea and Carpets is a non-commercial rug news blog. – Other
Area rugs. Online source for all things area rugs.

Nasim Carpets – Other
Hand knotted Persian & Oriental rugs

Oriental Rugs – – Other
Oriental area rugs

Domestic Modern – Other
Many types of rugs ranging from short pile wool rugs to oversized and small shag rugs.

RugSmart Interiors – Other
Large selection of contemporary and traditional area rugs.


Pak Persian Rugs – Pakistan
Handmade Persian rugs and Oriental rugs, including tribal rugs, antique rugs and workshop rugs.

Mannam Carpets – Pakistan
Custom-made rugs and carpets. Designers and masterweavers of fine bespoke orientals. Specialists in the Moghul court style of weaving.

Saleem Carpets – Pakistan
Handmade rugs from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran

Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Antique Rugs – SaudiArabia
Antique and new rugs and carpets.


Antique Textiles Gallery – Jaina Mishra – Singapore
A Gallery of the rare & antique textile collection from India and Asia.

South Africa

Ravat’s Persian Carpet Gallery – SouthAfrica
Collection of nomadic, village and studio carpets, as well as collection of new and antique pieces.


Joan Permanyer – Spain
Persian, Caucasian and Turkoman rugs. Spanish and English version.

Kilim Warehouse – Spain
New and antique kilims.

Lloyd Rowcroft – Spain
Oriental carpet and textile specialist


J.P. Willborg – Sweden
Antique rugs and carpets, textiles and African Art.

Bukowski Auktioner – Sweden
Bukowskis has four main auctions per year. Two of them are international auctions with paintings, antique furniture, carpets, silver and jewellery etc. English and Swedish versions.

Lundin Oriental Rugs – Sweden
Old and antique Oriental rugs.

Carpetvista – Sweden
Carpetvista is an online shop offering a wide range of oriental carpets and rugs. The site is available in 18 languages.

Goteborgs Auktionsverk – Sweden
Auction house in Gothenburg, Sweden


Madayan Carpets – Switzerland
Old and antique carpets.

Nomadenschaetze – Switzerland
Antique kilims, tribal rugs and textiles from Anatolia, Iran and Central Asia. English and German versions.

Somtexart – Switzerland
Old and antique Tribal Bags, Oriental and Asian Textiles as well as Coptic and Precolumbian Textiles.

Koller Auctions – Switzerland
Auction house in Zurich and Geneva for antiques, pictures, watches, furniture and carpets.

Persia SA – Switzerland
Contemporary and classic carpets.


Tribal Trappings – Thailand
Tribal art, artifacts, jewelry, and textiles from the ethnic peoples of SE Asia, China, Indonesia, Central Asia and the Middle East


Kilim Pillows – Turkey
The shop has a large inventory of Turkish kilim pillows, covers, cases and shams. – Turkey
New and antique kilims, weavings and pillows. Online kilim- and bookstore.

Tribal Collections – Nomadic Rugs & Textiles – Turkey
Specialists in old , antique and new rug, kilims and textiles from Turkey, Iran , Caucasus and Central Asia .

Hereke Rug Store – Turkey
Hereke and other Turkish hand-woven rugs and kelims. Information on Turkish rug history.

Mehmet Çetinkaya Gallery – Turkey
Central Asian, Anatolian and Caucasian carpets and textiles.

Sisko Osman – Turkey
Turkish handmade carpets and kilims. English and Turkish versions.

Black Sheep Carpets – Turkey
Turkish carpets and kilims.

Milas Carpets Turkey – Turkey
New on-line gallery of hand made Turkish Carpets.

Arasta Hali – Turkey
Anatolian carpets and kilims.

Aygun Trade – Turkey
Wool carpets, silk carpets and kilims

Leaf Carpet – Turkey
Hand made carpets and kilims.

Dollhouse Miniature Carpets – Turkey
Medium, runners and silk miniature carpets.

Bazaar Bayar – Turkey
Vintage textiles, jewelry & more.

Arasta Hali – Turkey
Rugs and carpets, kilims, felts and textiles.

Oriental Rugs Guide – Turkey
Recommendations for identifying, evaluating and selecting Oriental rugs


Turkmen Rugs – Turkmenistan
Original hand made carpets from Turkmenistan


Gallery Persia – UK
Gordon MacDonald specializes in old and antique Eastern tribal and village rugs, decorative carpets, kilims and tribal bags.

Oxford Asian Textile Group – UK
The Oxford Asian Textile Group (OATG) was founded in 1995 with the specific aim of making the Oxford textile collections better known to specialists and the interested public.

James Barclay Ltd – UK
Handcleaning and pepair of oriental rugs.

RL Rose Ltd – UK
Cleaning and restoration of oriental rugs and carpets

The Oriental Rug and Textile Society of Great Britain – UK
The society was established in 1977 to encourage enthusiasm and interest in carpets and textiles.

Joseph Lavian – UK
Antique oriental – Persian, Indian, Turkish, Caucasian, Chinese, Central Asian – and European carpets and textiles.

Premier periodical magazine devoted antique carpets, textiles and Islamic art. The web site offers information on current auctions and events.

Oriental Rugs of Bath – UK
Specialist in tribal, village and workshop oriental rugs. Oversize carpets and Aubussons.

James McDougall – UK
old oriental rugs and carpets acquired from Scotland and Northern England – most pieces are in an unrestored condition.

Haliden Oriental Carpets – UK
Antique Persian, Cauacasian Turkmen and Anatolian tribal rugs and bags.

Kalkan Trading – UK
Kalkan Trading stock a variety of old, semi-old and new hand-made rugs and carpets, specialising in trading antique rugs and specialist cleaning and repair services

The Nomads Tent – UK
Oriental rugs and artefacts for sale, UK Shows, Exhibitions and Rufus Reade Tours

Aaron Nejad  – UK
Oriental antique carpets. Specialists in Persian, Caucasian, Central Asian and Anatolian rugs.

Michael Hawes – UK
Deals in antique rugs and textiles.

Christie’s – UK
Premier auction house.

David J Wilkins – UK
Oriental rug brokers. New and old hand knotted rugs.

Bakhtiyar Gallery – UK
Persian carpets, runners and kelims.

Clive Rogers Oriental Rugs – UK
Tribal and Antique carpets

The Oriental Rug Shop – UK
Direct Importers of hand-made rugs & carpets. Specialist in large Persian carpets.

Yashar Bish – UK
Anatolian rugs, kilims and village artefacts.

Bonhams – UK
Auctioneers of fine art, antiques, collectables and motor cars.

Norfolk Rugs – UK
Oriental and Persian rugs and carpets.

Knights Antiques – UK
Antique rugs, Persian rugs, antique furniture and other collectibles

Rug House – UK
Selection of modern and contemporary rugs, funky rugs and sheepskin rugs.

Oriental Carpet Brokers – UK
Searchable inventory of antique and decorative rugs, and some antique European tapestries.

Oriental Rug and Textile Society of Great Britain – UK
The Oriental Rug and Textile Society (ORTS) was originally founded in 1977 to encourage enthusiasm and interest in the carpets and textiles of the Orient.

Burford Rug Gallery – UK
Antique and decorative Oriental rugs and kilims

Selvedge – UK
Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping.

Kilimshop Rug Repairs – UK
Rug repairs and cleaning

Rug Store – UK
Oriental rugs and kilims

Persian Rug Cleaning – UK
Washing rug care company and repairs

E Rugs Direct – UK
Traditional, modern, contemporary and Persian carpets

A Zadah – UK
Antique Persian, Caucasian and Anatolian & Central Asian rugs

Rugs UK – UK
Selection of contemporary rugs.

Rugstore – UK
The Rugstore stock a variety of old, semi-old and new hand-made rugs and kilims.

The Karakalpaks – UK
An authorative and comprehensive review of the material culture of the Karakalpaks, including their yurts and carpet wares.

Rug Store – UK
Oriental rugs and kilims

Brian MacDonald Antique Rugs & Carpets – UK
Antique Eastern rugs, kilims and tribal weavings

Rug Art – UK
Expert rug cleaning, rug repair and rug restoration since 1996.

Little-Persia – UK
Handmade Persian and Oriental rug dealer, also carry out cleaning and minor repairs – UK
Antique Rugs Carpets & Textiles. Posting is free.

Flying Carpets – UK
Old and contemporary Afghan rugs.

Uri Jacobi Oriental Carpets & Rugs – UK
Antique and contemporary carpets and rugs

Paul Vincent – UK
Hand knotted rugs from around the world

The London Antique Rug and Textile Art Fair


Antique Oriental Rugs – USA
Mosby Antique Oriental Rugs shop has been in business for 50 years. They specialize in antique Persian rugs, Turkish rugs and Chinese Art Deco carpets

Nazmiyal Auctions
Curated collection of fine and decorative antique and vintage rugs from variety of states plus exciting selection from Nazmiyal Collection.

Marla Mallett Textiles – USA
We specialize in antique tribal flatwoven Oriental rugs, kilims (kelims), and bags, but also tapestries, embroideries and other textile art.

Istanbul to Samarkand Rug Gallery – USA
Tribal and village rugs, Oriental carpets, textiles

Nazmiyal Collection – USA
Antique Persian and Oriental rugs and carpets

Metropolitan Carpet Gallery – USA
Decorative antique rugs and carpets from 19th and early 20th century. European and Oriental origin including Persian, Indian, Turkish, Central Asian and Caucasian carpets.

The International Conference on Oriental Carpets and Oriental Rugs

Rug-Fanatics – USA
Rug Fanatics is an e-group for everyone curious about, interested in, or addicted to Handmade Oriental Rugs and Carpets.

Holly L. Smith & Co. – USA
Restoration, brokerage, cleaning and care.

Persian Mirror – USA
Modern Magazine and Yellow pages for the Iranian community.

Mark Keshishian and Sons – USA
Antique, contemporary and collectable carpets, tapestries and textiles. Services also include cleaning and restoration. Book store, articles and rug-news.

Oriental Rug Repair Co – USA
Navajo and Oriental rug repair. Information on the care of Navajo rugs and insect damage prevention.

TurkoTek – Discussion board – USA
A noncommercial site for collectors of oriental rugs and other ethnographic textiles.

Castle Cleaning and Oriental Rug Company – USA
Oriental rug sales and cleaning establishment

Hayko – USA
Antique rug restoration services by an Armenian craftsman

Skinner – USA
Auctioneers and appraisers of antiques and fine art with galleries in Boston and Bolton. Oriental rugs and carpets auctions normally two times each year.

Nomad Rugs – USA
Antique and new Oriental rugs, tribal rugs and kilims.

Hajji Baba Club – USA
World’s oldest oriental rug club, in New York.

Cyber Rug Center – USA
Antique Oriental rugs, Persian, Caucasian, Turkish, Turkoman, Chinese, American hooked and Art Deco rugs. More than 1000 photos of Oriental rugs.

The Textile Museum – USA
Web site for The Textile Museum in Washington.

Rugs-Direct – USA
Online retailer of area rugs. Offer a large collection of styles. – USA
One-of-a-kind Oriental and Persian rugs.

Herat Antique Tribal Weavings – USA
Old tribal weavings. Persian, Anatolian and Balouch rugs.

The New England Rug Society is a Boston area group of antique textile collectors.

Yayla Tribal Rugs – USA
Importers of Oriental Rugs and Kilims from Iran, India, Nepal and Pakistan.

Emmanuels Rugs and Upholstery Cleaners – USA
Cleaning, restoring and repairing.

San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society – USA
SFBARS – The San Francisco Bay Area Rug Society is a nonprofit organization.

Armenian Rugs Society – USA
The Armenian Rugs Society, founded in 1980, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and advancement of the artistic and cultural contributions made by Armenian rug weavers to the rich and vibrant history of textile arts.

Hazara Gallery – USA
Persian, Anatolian, Caucasian and Chinese carpets.

S & H Rugs – USA
Persian antique, semi-antique, and European rugs.

Pride Carpet Cleaning – USA
We specialize in pet odor removal, repairs to rugs, and hand washing of oriental rugs in our plant in Broward County South Florida.

Simonian Rugs – USA
Area rug cleaners and distributors

D.A. Rubin Oriental Rug Gallery – USA
Antique Moroccan rugs and Oriental rugs.

Persian Gallery Co., Inc – USA
Wholesaler of antique and semi-antique oriental rugs and tapestries.

Nomadic Trading Co. – USA
Importer of new and antique Tribal carpets, kilims and also kilim pillows.

Boston Galleries – USA
Persian carpets and other handmade rugs

Rahmanan Antique & Decorative Rugs – USA
Offers an extensive stock of Oriental and European carpets and American hooked rugs.

F.J. Hakimian Gallery – USA
Antique European and Oriental carpets and European tapestries .

Pasargad – USA
Antique Oriental rugs and carpets and new production.

Alexander’s Decorative Rugs – USA
Contemporary Tibetan rugs and antique Oriental rugs.

Rudolf Geissmann – USA
Antique oriental carpets, kilims and textiles.

Nalbandian – USA
Antique oriental carpets, tapestries and textiles. Service includes restoration, cleaning and appraisals. – USA
Gabbeh Rugs and Persian Rugs.

Samuel’s Rug Gallery – Oriental Rugs & Persian Rugs – USA
Antique and contemporary Persian, European and Oriental Rugs.

Aja rugs – USA
Oriental rugs, tibetan carpets and many different area rugs from around the world.

Kermanshah Oriental Rugs Gallery – USA
Persian rugs, French Aubusson’s and tapestries

Aladdin Rugs – USA
Handmade Afghan rugs.

A Candle in the Night – USA
Night Oriental rugs and furniture.

Hot Vs. Not – Search – USA
Web Directory of websites categorized by subject.

McInnis Oriental Rugs – USA
Oriental rugs – decorative, casual, formal and tribal rugs in all sizes.

Woven Legends – USA
Woven Legends contemporary handmade carpets

Antique Rugs Studio – USA
Decorative antique carpets.

Tiger Tiger – USA
Tibetan Tiger rugs, Beads, Buddhist Ritual Items and other Artifacts from Southeast Asia and the Himalayas.

Woven Treasures of Michigan – USA
Persian and Oriental rugs, as well as custom made Tibetan carpets.

Marrakesh Express – USA
Moroccan Textiles. On-line Moroccan rug and pillow gallery and shop.

Runge Rugs – USA
Old and antique Oriental rugs – mostly Persian and Caucasian.

Beauvais Carpets – USA
Fine European & Oriental Carpets & Tapestries

Doris Leslie Blau – USA
Antique and contemporary carpets.

Rug On Sale – USA
US. rug market supplier. Import/Export rug related materials.

Reyn Staffel Oriental Rugs – USA
Antique and contemporary Oriental rugs and kilims.

Double Knot – USA
Hand-woven carpets, rugs & kilims from Turkey, the Caucasus, Persia and Central Asia.

Persian Carpet info – USA
Reference site to Persian Carpets

Antiquarius Imports – USA
Importers of naturally dyed rugs and carpets, African Art and minimal wood furniture.

Tribal rugs… at rimea – USA
A personal collection and sale of oriental tribal rugs and textiles. – USA
Afghan War Rugs.

Warp & Weft Carpets – USA
Antique and decorative carpets

Kazempour Oriental Rugs – USA
Antique and new Oriental rugs.

Woven History and Silk Road – USA
Tribal and village rugs. Many carpets woven at the company’s own looms in Pakistan and Nepal, where Afghan and Tibetan refugees weave in the traditional manner.

Amir Rug Exchange – USA
Persian rugs and carpets. Specialize in oversize carpets.

Suncoast Rugs, Inc. – USA
Handmade Turkish rugs and kilims from throw rugs to room sizes.

Tribal Concepts – USA
Kilims, rugs, washing and restoration.

Catalina Rug Inc. – USA
Persian and Antique Oriental rugs. Directly import of hand-knotted rugs from Iran, India and Pakistan.

Maqam – USA
Antique Anatolian Carpets and Yastiks

Website for the Antique Rug & Textile Show in San Francisco October 2009

Textile Museum Associates of Southern California – USA
Textile Museum Associates of Southern California, Inc. (TMA/SC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1985

Eccentric Wefts – USA
Musings of a Rug and Textile Collector

Richard E. Wright – USA
Research Notes Concerning Oriental Rugs and Textiles in the Middle East

Peter Pap Oriental Rugs – USA
Antique oriental rugs and carpets.

R. John Howe: Textiles and Text – USA
Oriental rugs and textiles blog.

Esber Rug Gallery – USA
Iranian and Turkish Folk rugs.

Yoruk Rug Gallery – USA
Oriental Tribal Rugs & Textiles

Renaissance Oriental Rug Cleaning Inc. – USA
Specialists in hand washing and restoration of textiles.

Tufenkian Carpets – USA
Artisan carpets handmade in Tibet and Armenia. Modern oriental rugs.

Fred Moheban Rug Gallery – USA
Antique oriental rugs and tapestries

Claremont Rug Company – USA
Antique Persian carpets and rugs

Grogan & Company – USA
Fine art auctioneers and appraisers.

The Magic Carpet – USA
Importers of fine handmade Oriental Rugs, Indian Statues and Ethnic Artifacts from around the World.

Collectics – USA
Antiques & collectibles shop and mall

Collins Gallery – USA
Old and antique oriental rugs

Paradise Oriental Rugs, Inc. – USA
Oriental rugs woven with vegetable dyes and hand-spun wool, with a strong emphasis on Persian and Afghan tribal rugs.

Jim Allen Antiques – USA
Jim Allen Antiques, A-bey online is a resource for rugs, art, music and real estate.

RugRagExperts Channel – USA
Video channel for

Talisman – USA
Conservation and cleaning of rugs and tapestries.

Lexington Oriental Rug Company – USA
Retailer of hand-knotted area rugs

Rug Goddess – USA
Area Rug specialists offering in home consulations.

Gallery51 – USA
Specializing in antique oriental & tribal rugs and ethnographic textiles.

Tony Kitz Oriental Carpets & Textiles – USA
Antique Oriental rugs, kilims and textiles.

Kush Hand-Knotted Carpets – USA
Modern, traditional, tribal, and custom Oriental carpets.

Dilmaghani – USA
Hand knotted Oriental rugs and oversized rugs and carpets.

Antique Rug Buyers – USA
Buyers of Persian rugs

Rug Firm – USA
Supplier and direct importer of Oriental rugs.

Large Rugs & Carpets – USA
Large, Oversize, Mansion rugs and Carpets

Dalworth Rug Cleaning – USA
A family owned and operated Oriental and specialty area rug cleaning company.

Brandon Oriental Rugs – USA
Specialty rug store in Bucks County, PA offering hand-knotted rugs exclusively.

Rugs of War – USA
War rugs made during Soviet occupation in Afghanistan

Nejad Oriental Rugs – USA
Area rug designers, manufacturers and wholesalers featuring both traditional, hand-knotted Persian and contemporary rugs.

Galerie Shabab – USA
Antique & Vintage Rugs

Material Culture – USA
Antiques, furnishings and carpets

H & S Oriental Rug & Restoration – USA
Oriental Rug & Restoration NYC

American Rug Laundry – USA
Oriental carpet and area rug cleaning, repair and restoration of rugs.

Carpets NY – USA
Carpet and Rugs Sales and Installation.

MP Persian Rug Imports – USA
Persian rugs with emphasis on Tabriz, Nain & Qom carpets

Isberian Rug Company – USA
Offering sales, cleaning, repair, restoration and appraisal services.

Superior Rugs – USA
Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs

I.D. Cleaners & Carpets – USA
Carpet cleaning, rug cleaners and upholstery.

John Khalil – USA
Buy, sell, appraise, repair, and clean area rugs and oriental rugs

The Hajji Baba Club – USA
Website for the 75th anniversary of the Hajji Baba Club

Grillo Oriental Rug Gallery and Care – USA
Oriental rugs, cleaning, and care.

American Modern Living – USA
Information and home decorating products guides

Antique Persian Rugs – USA
Private dealer of Persian rugs

Bold Rugs – USA offers a wide selection of area rugs

Martinous Oriental Rug Co. – USA
Oriental Rug dealer and submersion handwash cleaning services.

Rug Spa – USA
Cleaning of Oriental & Persian rugs

Georgia Mills Area Rugs – USA
Area rugs including braided, natural fiber, jute, sisal, and round area rugs.

Rug Exchange – USA
Retailer of over 60,000 area rugs.

E W Art – USA
Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian art and textiles – USA
Antique, silk, wool, handmade and custom area rugs

Rug Center – USA
Rug company of the Bay Area

Stair Antique Auctioneers and Appraisers – USA
Stair Galleries Auction House – Antique Auctions, furniture, antiques, semi- antiques, decorations, art, paintings

Musee Ltd – USA
Importer of Persian, Indian and Chinese rugs. Rug repair and cleaning.

Kosker Traditional Rug Repair – USA
Rug cleaning and repair

JBOCSpongobongocom – USA
Barry OConnells YouTube channel


Uzbek Craft – Uzbekistan
Online ethnic store