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Rippon Boswell’s Major Autumn Auction will take place 26 November 2011 in Wiesbaden. Preview will be from 23 November through 26 November.

This special auction for tribal and collectable rugs and textiles includes 283 lots and their auction catalogue is online.

Lot 16, a 19th century Salor chuval 90x144 cm. Estimate 1,600 EUR.
Lot 19, a Tekke ensi first half 19th century. Size 160x121 cm. Estimate 7,000 EUR.
Lot 54, a late 19th century Ersari trapping. Size 60x169 cm. Estimate 1,500 EUR.
Lot 106, a mid 19th century Shahsavan mafrash. Size 43x105 cm. Estimate 12,000 EUR.
Lot 103, a mid 19th century Ersari trapping. Size 43x137 cm. Estimate 5,200 EUR.
Lot 128, a Flamskäv Agedyna, South Sweden dated 1717. Size 44x104 cm. Estimate 35,000 EUR.
Lot 145, a 18th century Bokhara Suzani. Size 231x157 cm. Estimate 19,000 EUR.
Lot 186, a Farahan first half 19th century. Size 186x136 cm. Estimate 21,000 EUR.
Lot 197, a Central Anatolian Yastik second half 19th century. Size 84x62 cm. Estimate 1,300 EUR.
Lot 224, a Paotao Pictorial Rug circa 1900. Size 256x189 cm. Estimate 5,000 EUR.
Lot 201, an East Caucasian Kuba second half 19th century. Size 163x110 cm. Estimate 5,500 EUR.

Location and more information: Rippon Boswell, Friedrichstraße 45, Wiesbaden, Germany.

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