Contributing Editors

The articles in Jozan Magazine are written by a team of rug professionals and authors and by Jozan’s editor Ivan Soenderholm. It is not possible to mention all who have contributed over the years but the list below includes authors and photographers and authors who frequently have written articles or covered rug & textile events for Jozan Magazine:

Tribal Asian textiles: Jaina Mishra ( Woven Souls ) – articles by Jaina Mishra

Jaina Mishra

Central Asian rugs and textiles: Elmira Gyul ( Fine Arts Institute, Uzbekistan ) – Articles by Elmira Gyul

Elmira Gyul

Textile exhibition reviews: Valerie Justin ( Vanishing Textiles ) – articles by Valerie Justin

Valerie Justin

Antique rug and textile exhibitions: Michael Craycraft ( Galerie Arabesque ), Alberto Boralevi ( Alberto Boralevi ) and Raoul Tschebull

Raoul Tschebull
Michael Craycraft
Alberto Boralevi

Auction reviews: Sarah Haberkern ( Art Antik ) – Articles by Sarah Haberkern

Sarah Haberkern

Turkish carpets: Ludwina Akbulut ( Ludwina’s Miniature Carpets ) – articles by Ludwina Akbulut

Ludwina Akbulut

Traveling in Iran: Lars N. Nygaard ( Lars Nygaard Oriental Rugs ) – articles by Lars N. Nygaard

Lars N. Nygaard

Reports from rug life in Iran: Daniel Bikas (read more about Daniel) – articles by Daniel Bikas

Daniel Bikas

Other rug professionals who have written one or more articles, notes or reports published in Jozan Magazine are: Shirin Melikova, Wendel Swan, Michele Hardy, Asli Samadova, Stefano Ionescu, Craig Wallen, Tim Steinert, Hans Homm, Marla Mallett, Hesam Keshavarz, Dennis Dodds, R. John Howe, Charles Recknagel, Mike Petras, Allan Arthur, Ehsan Afzalzadeh Naini, Seref Ozen, Jean-Paul Peters, Thomas ColeAnn Nicholas and Richard Blumenthal, Christopher Robin Andrews, Seyitguly Batyrov, Solveigh Calderin, and Detlev Fischer.

Editor and publisher: Ivan Soenderholm

Ivan Soenderholm


Raoul Tschebull: Qarajeh to Quba : Rugs and Flatweaves from East Azarbayjan and the Transcaucasus, Kazak: Carpets of the Caucasus

Marla Mallett: Woven Structures: A Guide to Oriental Rug and Textile Analysis

Michael Craycraft: Belouch prayer rugs

Thomas Cole: Dream Weavers: Textile Art from the Tibetan Plateau

Alberto Boralevi: From the Near West, Sardinian Textiles from the 16th Century until Today, Oriental Geometries: Stefano Bardini and the Antique CarpetSumakh, Flat Woven Carpets of the Caucasus

Valerie Justin: Flat-Woven Rugs of the World

Stefano Ionescu: Antique Ottoman Rugs in TransylvaniaThe Lutheran Churches of Transylvania and their Rugs: Black Church and the Brasov AreaThe Lutheran Churches of Transylvania and their Rugs: St. Margaret’s Church and the Medias District, The Lutheran Churches of Transylvania and their Rugs: Whereabouts Unknown