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Carpet Collector

Carpet Collector

It is a good eight years since the first issue of Carpet Collector. What began as a thin supplement to our trade magazine Carpet XL quickly turned into a publication of international reach about carpets and collecting. Now a good eight years since the appearance of the first issue you are holding the last issue in your … read more

Magical textiles by Indonesian women

Rotterdam’s Wereldmuseum features works of art from around the world. The large special exhibition Magie van de Vrouw (“The Magic of Women”), which began in April of this year and can still be seen until September 9th, promises magic and mystery… read more

Rug fans from northern Germany – open to new ideas

In Germany it’s rare to find people interested enough in Oriental rugs and textiles to form interest groups for the purpose of exchanging experiences. One of the few exceptions is the “Circle of Friends for Oriental Rugs and Textiles in Northern Germany” (“Freundeskreis orientalischer Teppiche und Textilien Norddeutschland”)… read more

Carpet Collector

Dear friends of Jozan. We – the editors of Carpet Collector – just finished the third issue of this new magazine for all rug collectors and connoisseurs. It is now going to the printer and will be shipped in early July… read more