Jozan Magazine
Jozan Magazine

Jozan Magazine is an International web-portal and digital magazine about oriental rugs and carpets. Jozan Magazine is published by Ivan Soenderholm and has been online constantly for two decades.

Jozan Magazine includes articles and news on oriental rugs and carpets, international auction calendar, vendors sales gallery and rug book store,  educational rug photo gallery…..and a lot of other sections and pages.

Jozan Magazine is one of the main sources on the internet for rug collectors and rug dealers seeking information about Oriental rugs and events in “Rugdom”.

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The articles published in Jozan Magazine are written by the editor Ivan Soenderholm and a team of rug professionals and authors. The Antique Rug & Textile Show 2009 (ARTS) was a co-operation between 35 antique rug and textile dealers and Jozan Magazine.

We are constantly developing the magazine with new content and features.

Recently we have developed an auction price section.

We hope you will enjoy the portal and the magazine !

Ivan Soenderholm ivan@jozan.dk
Editor of Jozan Magazine