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Jozan Magazine includes articles and news on oriental rugs and carpets, international rug calendar, rug lexicon, auction price guide, vendors sales gallery and rug book store, educational rug photo gallery, rug directory and more. We have been online for more than two decades.

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Rug Books

Jozan Magazines rug book and textile book section includes 2.400 titles.

Auction Price Guide

Our rug auction price guide includes sales results for selected rugs and carpets from various auctioneers.

Vendor’s Gallery

Our Vendor’s Gallery includes rugs for sale by various dealers.

Rug Calendar

Our rug calendar with rug auctions, events, fairs, conferences and lectures is one of the best updated on the internet.

Rug Lexicon

Our rug lexicon includes several hundred entries.

Rug Directory

Our Rug Directory includes links to rug dealers, educational rug sites, rug clubs, museums, magazines and organizations.