Baluch textiles: Back to the roots

‘Baluch textiles: Back to the roots’ by Joerg Affentranger and Wolfgang Windau is a brand new and impressive book exclusively about Baluch flatweaves. The authors have been Baluch collectors for decades. The book is based on gathering information during 13 field trips right down to the villages and tribes over … read more

Pull of the Thread: Textile Travels of a Generation by Sheila Fruman

Turkman wedding

‘Pull of the Thread: Textile Travels of a Generation’ by Sheila Fruman and published by Hali Publications tells the fascinating stories of nine textile fascinated travellers who from the 1970s in their youth combed cities, villages and bazars of Turkey, Balkan, Iran, Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India to research, … read more

Ali Riza Tuna – Anatolian kilims

Detail - Central Anatolian Kilim

Ali Riza Tuna’s book “From Myth to Art: Anatolian Kilims” published in Geneva 2022 is a conclusion of his study and project ‘The Kilim as an Image’. It is an immersive book about the Anatolian flatweaves that opens new perspectives. Joining Hans Belting’s “Anthropology of Images” to Ernst Cassirer’s philosophy … read more