Baluch textiles: Back to the roots

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Baluch textiles Back to the roots - Baluch textiles: Back to the roots

‘Baluch textiles: Back to the roots’ by Joerg Affentranger and Wolfgang Windau is a brand new and impressive book exclusively about Baluch flatweaves.

The authors have been Baluch collectors for decades. The book is based on gathering information during 13 field trips right down to the villages and tribes over a period of 17 years. All the different Baluch tribes and their neighbors are introduced together with their weavings, covering a time frame from 1800 –1950.

The tribes and their weavings covered in this book include Timuri, Sangtshuli, Djan Beghi, Qarai, Bahluli, Arab, Brahui, Sistani and Kordi.

While many books about Baluch pile rugs have been published this book fills a gap by describing Baluch flatwoven textiles.

Examples of illustrations from the book:

The hard cover book comes in the format of 22 x 29 cm, includes 310 pages with 336 color plates, showing 104 full size pictures with structure analyses and 232 detail images. The book is published in both a German and English edition.

ISBN 978-3-00-077144-6 English
ISBN 978-3-00-077143-9 German
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More information: ‘Baluch textiles: Back to the roots’ leaflet (pdf)

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