The Transylvanian Heritage – Ottoman Carpets 1450 to 1750

The long waited book ‘The Transylvanian Heritage – Ottoman Carpets 1450 to 1750 – a new perspective’ by Stefano Ionescu is now released and published. The reception for the release of the book took place at Mehmet Cetinkaya Gallery in Istanbul Friday 7 June in the evening. The reception coinsided … read more

Gajil Market in Tabriz, Iran

Shop Gajil Market

Gajil is an old market in central of Tabriz, a part of this market specialized in selling second-hand yarns either silk or wool. Rug producers sell their extra yarns which they don’t need them anymore to this market… read more

Ornaments in the Harsh Style

Carpet Koroghlu. Azerbaijan. 2012. Wool, cotton. Pile, handmade. 255x204 cm. It was woven on the base of Tahir Salakhov’s painting. Sketch author: T.Bashirov

by Shirin Melikova, Director of the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum The carpet, the symbol of Azerbaijan, was and remains an important part of the nation’s cultural tradition. As in past eras, the carpet is alive and evolving, reflecting the dominant stylistic, aesthetic, and intellectual preferences of its time. Professional artists developed … read more