Artistic photo documentary by Simone Haug: Carpet restoration in Istanbul

Bab-ı Ali Caddesi No 18, Istanbul 2013 © Simone Haug

Carpets from all over the world are restorated at Bab-ı Ali Caddesi No 8 in Istanbul. This old house contains over thirty restoration workshops, each of them ist specialized in a technique or a type of carpet. Interested in the different attitudes towards the authors works (the carpets) in the restoration processes, Simone Haug passed several weeks in these workshops… read more

The Enigmatic Ceremonial Tampans of Sumatra

Weaving of ceremonial cloths ceased in Lampung, Sumatra at the end of the 19th century. The extinction of any textile art form is a tragedy irrespective of the textile group in question. But once we see the astounding beauty of the ceremonial textiles of Lampung, this tragedy takes on very depressing proportions! That such a beautiful form of woven art died out is probably one of the biggest losses of textile art… read more

The Sacred Textile Art of Mata Ni Pachedi

The Devipujak community lives in Gujarat India and like many other ethnic groups from that region, they have unique beliefs about their origin, their diet and religion. For a few centuries, this difference led to restrictive social practices. As recently as 140 years ago an act was passed by the British regime that institutionalised their persecution… read more