Daniel Bikas

Contributor to Jozan Magazine: Daniel Bikas, Tabriz, Iran

Daniel Bikas
Daniel Bikas

Daniel Bikas has been the author of the following articles about Iranian rug life published by Jozan Magazine:

Gajil Market in Tabriz

Tehran International Rug Expo

More about Daniel Bikas

Daniel Bikas, an Australian-Iranian, is a Persian hand-knotted rug designer and producer based in Tabriz, the capital of the world’s hand-made rugs. His focus is mainly wall rugs.

Daniel Bikas works can be seen at his website danielbikas.com.

Contact information: Daniel A Bikas, Iran-Tabriz, 0098 914 400 5003, Instagram: @danielbikas, bikasdaniel@gmail.com

Information from Daniel Bikas about some of his works

German Trio
Undoubtedly flag is a representative of a country, territory, club and many other entities. It usually comes as a fabric in most cases.
I was contemplating for a while to merge three specific signs of a country in one design and produce a fine hand-knotted silk rug. I decided to work on German’s flag, map and emblem.
I overlapped the flag on the map and put the Emblem in the center with its own colors.

Rug in front of flags
Rug in front of flags

All the materials (warp, pile and wefts) are natural silk. The KPSI is 625. The size of the rug is 50×70 centimeters. The total knots are 350.000.
Government places, museums, galleries, residentials and many other places is place that this kind of rugs adds an artistic ambiance. Also, it is an ideal gift which remains for good.

Daniel A Bikas
Instagram: @artisticrugs