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The World’s Most Famous Museum Carpet: The Ardabil

by Charles Recknagel. LONDON; July 17, 2010 – The world’s museums are full of splendid carpets but the most famous of all is the Ardabil. One big reason is simply its size: 38 feet long (11.5 meters) by 18 feet wide (5.5 meters). That is so large that the curators … read more

Hungary’s Private Collectors Exhibit Their Carpets In Budapest

by Charles Recknagel. Hungary’s Rug Society is hosting an extraordinary look at carpets in Hungarian private collections this summer. The exhibition, which began on the first of June and has been extended due to popular interest to the end of August, is jointly sponsored by Budapest’s Jewish Museum, which is … read more

Two New Czech Postage Stamps Commemorate Caucasian Carpets

by Charles Recknagel PRAGUE, June 5, 2010 — It’s a rare event when a European country issues a postage stamp commemorating oriental carpets. But this year the Czech Republic has issued two. The pair of stamps depicts 19th century Karabakhs, from the Caucasus area of the same name. One stamp … read more

The Qashqai And Other Tribal Carpets Of Western Persia

SHIRAZ, April 17, 2010 — When Persian tribal carpets began to reach Europe at the start of the 19th century Europe, they often got a mixed reception. One problem was where to put them. They were typically of small size at a time when putting a large carpet across a … read more