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Gajari flatwoven carpets and textiles

Among the variety of Central Asian carpets the manufacture of the flatwoven Gajari (Ghajaree, Ghudjeri, Ghujeri) are characteristic for Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan… read more

The napramach – an ancient suitcase and chest

In everyday life we often use objects, without reflecting about their history and occurrence in our environment. Such objects could be a suitcase or a chest; their distant ancestor is a capacious carpet bag for household utensils – the napramach… read more

Julkhyrs – minimalism aesthetics in steppe art

Julkhyrs – the traditional Uzbek long-piled carpets – are popular among connoisseurs of Oriental art. Unlike the refined decor of Iranian carpets, the appearance of Julkhyrs are extremely laconic, strict, even brutal, both on drawings, and on colours… read more