ACOR 8 in Boston, twelve rug and textile exhibitions

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New England Collects: Carpets and Textiles from 26 members of the New England Rug Society
The exhibition featured 50 examples from member collections and showcased classic rug types like Caucasian, Turkmen, Persian and Baluch pile rugs but also flat woven rugs and other textiles. The curator was Julia Bailey, Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Salor bagface

Unusual and Overlooked: Antique Textiles from Central Asia
The textile exhibition included more than 70 decorative yurt hangings ( ilgitshs), bags, belts, bedding decorations, braid covers and more. Curator was Jeff Spurr, Islamic and Middle East Specialist, Harvard.

Ilgitshs – decorative yurt hangings

Gems of the Caucasus: Antique Caucasian Rugs from the Rudnick Collection
Rosalie and Mitch Rudnick’s rug collecting began in the mid-80’s and they were gravitated toward Caucasian rugs. Rosalie and Mitch Rudnick are prominent New England rug collectors.

Kazak rug early 19th century

Rugs from the Collection of Gerald Paquin
Gerald Paquin is a Massachusetts collector of Islamic rugs and textiles.

Yomud asmalyk early 19th century

“Baluch”: from the collection of Mark Hopkins
The exhibited Baluch rugs ranged from early 19th century to the 2nd quarter of the 20th century.  The pieces originated from Northeastern Iran or northwestern Afghanistan.Mark Hopkins is president for New England Rug Society.


Tribal Bags of South Persia: From the Collections of Ann Nicholas and Richard Blumenthal
The exhibition had two parts, a display of tribal bags and pictures of bags being used in nomadic life.

Khamseh/Qashqai bagface

Selected Textiles of the Magreb from the Collection of Alfred and Suzanne Saulniers
In this exhibition the collectors and curators showed non-pile Moroccan weavings from the 19th and early 20th century. The weavings were from diverse, rural and tribal groups.

Magreb textile

Rare and Unusual Turkmen Pile Weavings
This exhibition showcased rare and unusual Turkmen pile weavings that differ from the norm of their class – either by format, structure, palette or design.Co-curators Jim Adelson and Yon Bard.

Eagle gul and torba

From the Frontier: An Unknown Group of Ottoman Embroideries
The exhibition included thirteen Ottoman embroideries that were different in technique and material from known Ottoman pieces.Curator Gerard Paquin.

Ottoman embroideries

Paintings by Tom Stocker
The exhibition included four paintings Tom Stocker had borrowed for this display.All of them paintings of prayer rugs, Tom Stocker’s favorite rug type.

Prayer rug paintings

Demons & Decapitators: the Enigmatic Art of Ancient South American Coca Bags
The Coca bags in this exhibition were woven in of camelid wool and cotton. They ranged in age from around 200 BC to 1500 AD.Collector and curator Tom Hannaher.

Coco bag

Celebrations in Wool – Antique Oriental Rugs from Eastern Anatolia
Mark Hopkins was curator for this exhibition of Eastern Anatolian pile rugs. Most of the pieces were from the 19th century or earlier and woven by Kurds.

Eastern Anatolian rugs

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