Nagel’s Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art 10 September 2013

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Nagel’s next specialist auction ‘Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art’ will take place 10 September 2013 in Stuttgart. This auction includes 219 carpet lots and 75 lots of ethnographic art. The preview exhibition will be open for the public 7 September – 9 September, daily from 11 am to 6 pm, and on the auction day 10 September from 9 am – 12 am. The auction itself will start at 3 pm.

Among the lots are Turkmen rugs from Dr. Werner Loges Collection, antique rugs and textiles from the collection of the Egyptologist Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Bissing, and lots from an important private German collection.

Lot 1. Salor Chuval, Turkmenistan, 1st half 19th ct. Provenance: From the Dr. Werner Loges Collection of Turkoman Rugs. Size 81 x 139 cm. Estimate 3000 EUR
Lot 32. Bokhara Suzani, Uzbekistan, 19th ct. Provenance: From the collection of the egyptologist Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Bissing. Size 230 x 181 cm. Estimate 3500 EUR
Lot 38. A fragment of a Kerman Vase carpet, South Persia, 16th/17th ct. from a private German collection. Mounted 85 x 90 cm. Estimate 2000 EUR
Lot 53. Bergama rug, West Anatolia, 17./18. ct. Size 225 x 167 cm. Estimate 20000 EUR
Lot 60. Konya, Central Anatolia, 19th ct. Size 205 x 137 cm. 5000 EUR
Lot 80. Chelaberd ‘Eagle Kazak’, Karabagh area, Caucasus, 2nd half 19th ct. Size 214 x 145 cm. Estimate 4000 EUR
Lot 117. A half Sumakh Khorjin, Shahsavan, Northwest Persia, late 19th ct. Size 38 x 36 cm. Estimate 600 EUR
Lot 133. Senneh rug, West Persia, late 19th ct. Size 200 x 140 cm. Estimate 2500 EUR

Nagel’s catalogue can be found online.

Location and more information: Nagel Auktionen, Neckarstr. 189-191, 70190 Stuttgart, Germany.

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