Virtual lecture on Swedish textiles from 1680-1850 by Gunnar Nilsson

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Gunnar Nilsson, a Swedish collector and independent scholar, will hold a virtual lecture on 17-19th centuries Swedish textiles Saturday 11 February at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time US and Canada). The program is hosted by New England Rug Society with co-hosts GW University/Textile Museum and Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.

Gunnar Nilsson will explore Swedish textiles, starting with such better-known types as röllakan, embroideries, and Flemish weaves. Then he will also introduce lesser-known types, mostly of middling or low quality but with a few outstanding pieces.

Carriage cushion 1780
Carriage cushion made with the “röllakan” technique; Sweden, southwestern Skåne, Skytts härad; 1780.

Gunnar Nilsson is from Gothenburg in Sweden. He began to collect Caucasian rugs in the early 1980s and later turned to collect Anatolian rugs. In the early 1990s he started to collect Swedish textiles. Gunnar Nilsson has published articles about Swedish textiles in Hali Magazine and been lecturer at ICOC conferences.

Gunnar Nilsson
Gunnar Nilsson (Jozan archive photo from a Caucasian rug exhibition in Gothenburg in 2010)

Registration: Swedish textiles from 1680-1850 by Gunnar Nilsson 11 February 2023

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