Outstanding exhibition of Caucasian rugs

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The opening of Gothenburg Rug Society’s (AKREP’s) exhibition of antique Caucasian rugs took place 20 November 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and was well attended. This outstanding exhibition will be open for the public in Frölunda Kulturhus through 16 December 2010.

The next day Sunday 21 November members from both Swedish and Danish rug clubs were visiting the exhibition. From Sweden members from the Pazyryk Rug Society and Mir-I-Bota and from Denmark members of the Danish Rug Society. AKREP’s Gunnar Nilsson, Sonny Berntsson and Lars Jurell were competent guides for the visiting rug clubs.

Sonny Berntsson, AKREP, showing Danish guests a Seichur Kuba
Lars Jurell, AKREP, in front of a Kazak rug
A Sewan Kazak
Søren Nissen, chairman of the Danish Rug Society, and Leif Schneidermann (right) are inspecting a rug.
Gunnar Nilsson, AKREP member and exhibitor, took the visitors on a guided tour through the entire exhibition. Here in front of a Kazak rug.
A Karabagh dated 1912
Visitors in front of a Shirvan Bidjov 1880-1915
Jan Andersen, webmaster for the Danish Rug Society, looking at an Akstafa Kazak
A Shirvan
Gunnar Nilsson, AKREP, in front of a Moghan Salavan
Sonny Berntsson and Leif Scheidermann discussing the identification of a Shirvan
A Zakatala
A Kazak 1870-1900

This exhibition includes 57 of the very best rugs chosen among more than 200 available antique Caucasian rugs. Digital images of all 57 rugs are online AKREP’s website.

AKREP exhibition, Frölunda Kulturhus, 20 November to 16 December 2010, Valthornsgatan, Västra Frölunda, Göteborg, Sweden

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