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New England Rug Society – online exhibitions

NERS has just published a new online exhibition. The exhibition is a online duplication of the ACOR 8 exhibition “Baluch” from the Collection of Mark Hopkins.”All of these 30 pieces originate from either northeastern Iran or northwestern Afghanistan and none comes from the Baluchistan region of Pakistan” says Mark Hopkins. … read more

ACOR 8 in Boston, twelve rug and textile exhibitions

New England Collects: Carpets and Textiles from 26 members of the New England Rug Society The exhibition featured 50 examples from member collections and showcased classic rug types like Caucasian, Turkmen, Persian and Baluch pile rugs but also flat woven rugs and other textiles. The curator was Julia Bailey, Boston … read more

Exhibitions at ACOR 8 in Boston 2006

The American Conference on Oriental Rugs, ACOR 8 in Boston, included 12 interesting exhibitions. In the first part of the exhibition reviews I have chosen to show rugs from New England Collects, Gems of Caucasus, the Collection of Gerard Paquin and Baluch rugs from the collection of Mark Hopkins. New … read more

The 8th American Conference on Oriental Rugs

The Eighth American Conference on Oriental Rugs – ACOR 8 – will take place in Boston, April 20-23, 2006, at the Park Plaza Hotel. The opening reception will be at 5PM Thursday, April 20. There will be 16 hands-on sessions hosted by well-known collectors, 3 plenary sessions with famous rug … read more