Virtual lecture on Swedish textiles from 1680-1850 by Gunnar Nilsson

Gunnar Nilsson, a Swedish collector and independent scholar, will hold a virtual lecture on 17-19th centuries Swedish textiles Saturday 11 February at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time US and Canada). The program is hosted by New England Rug Society with co-hosts GW University/Textile Museum and Textile Museum Associates of Southern California. … read more

Antique Carpets from Western Asia at Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museums newly opened exhibition “Rugged Beauty: Antique Carpets from Western Asia” will run through 28 May 2023. The exhibition showcases more than 40 rugs and carpets from Turkey, Iran and Caucasus over six centuries. The rugs are from the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection, as well as loans … read more

The Intrigue of Baluch Rugs by DeWitt Mallary

The virtual lecture “The Intrigue of Baluch Rugs” by DeWitt Mallary 10 December 2022, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM is co-sponsored by the New England Rug Society and Textile Museum Associates of Southern California. Rugs labelled “Baluch” includes pieces from a number of tribal weaving groups in northeast Iran and northwest Afghanistan. To sort them out is one of the intrigues of Baluch rugs… read more