Virtual lecture on Swedish textiles from 1680-1850 by Gunnar Nilsson

Carriage cushion 1780

Gunnar Nilsson, a Swedish collector and independent scholar, will hold a virtual lecture on 17-19th centuries Swedish textiles Saturday 11 February at 1:00 pm (Eastern Time US and Canada). The program is hosted by New England Rug Society with co-hosts GW University/Textile Museum and Textile Museum Associates of Southern California. … read more

ICOC lectures: Scandinavia

The lectures on Scandinavian textiles were divided in two sessions on Friday 17 June 2011. Anette Granlund and Margareta Nockert were moderators and the speakers included Margareta Nockert, Marina Zasetckaia, Désirée Koslin, Gunnar Nilsson and Wendel Swan… read more

ICOC exhibitions of privately owned carpets

ICOC Stockholm included three exhibitions of privately owned rugs and textiles. An exhibition of 10 Turkmen rugs and textiles of the Eagle Göl group I, II and III, an exhibition of 37 Oriental carpets from Swedish collections and an exhibition of 43 Scandinavian textiles… read more