West Anatolian rugs

The label West Anatolian rug is often used for rugs from the Bergama district. West Anatolia includes Bergama, Ghiordes, Ushak and far more towns and villages.

West Anatolian Star Medallion Carpet, West Anatolia 1500-1550, Ushak?. 210 x 135 cm. 
Anatolian village rug, probably west Anatolia second half 19th century, 6ft.6in. x 4ft.4in. 1.98m. x 1.32m. (Woolley & Wallis 9 July 2002)
Lot 3, a West Anatolian Prayer Rug, dated 1890, 4 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. (Skinner 28 September 2014)
A 17/18 th century West Anatolian Village rug. (Grogan 20 May 2012)
West Anatolian double-niche rug 17th century. (Anatolian rugs from Skokloster Castle)

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