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There are 619 lots on sale 9th July 2002. Among these 370 rugs and carpets.We have made a selection of interesting tribal Baluchi, Caucasian and Anatolian rugs from this auction. The desciptions below are from Woolley & Wallis online catalogue.

Lot 288 Baluchi rug, Mashad region, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1900, 4ft.11in. x 2ft.11in. 1.50m. x 0.89m. £120-150
Lot 289 Baluchi rug, Mashad area, Khorasan, north east Persia late 19th century, 5ft.5in. x 3ft.5in. 1.65m. x 1.04m. £100-150
Lot 299 Baluchi prayer rug, Mashad area, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1930-50, 4ft.6in. x 2ft.10in. 1.37m. x 0.86m. £80-120
Lot 302 Baluchi rug, Khorasan, north east Persia about 1900-20, 6ft.8in. x 3ft.6in. 2.03m. x 1.07m. £240-260
Lot 359 A good Chonzoresk rug, Karabakh, south Caucasus, late 19th century, 7ft.6in, x 3ft.8in. 2.29m. x 1.12m. £3200-3500
Lot 363 – A good Marasali rug, Shirvan region, south east Caucasus, about 1880-1900, 6ft.3in. x 4ft.5in. 1.91m. x 1.35m,+Very slight even wear overall. £1800-2000
Lot 366 – Karachov Kazak rug, south west Caucasus late 19th century, 7ft.10in. x 4ft.6in. 2.39m. x 1.37m. £2200-2600
Lot 367 – A good Genje rug, south Caucasus second half 19th century, 6ft.4in. x 3ft.11in. 1.93m. x 1.20m. £1500-2000
Lot 248 – Anatolian village rug, probably west Anatolia second half 19th century, 6ft.6in. x 4ft.4in. 1.98m. x 1.32m. £380-420.

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