Anatolian rugs from Skokloster Castle

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ICOC Stockholm included several museum visits and one of them went to the Royal Armory Museum in the old town. The delegates could enjoy a specially arranged exhibition for the ICOC visitors of 17th century Anatolian rugs from Skokloster Castle.

Medallion Ushak carpet 17th century. Size 180 x 272 cm.
West Anatolian prayer rug 17th century. Size 128 x 186 cm.
West Anatolian double-niche rug 17th century.
Anatolian prayer rug 17th century.
Transylvanian double-niche rug 17th century.
Lotto arabesque rug, West Anatolia 17th century
17th century Anatolian prayer rug
17th century Transylvanian double-niche rug.

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