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Saul Barodofsky on “Nazarlik”

  On January 16, 2010, Saul Barodofsky gave a Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning program, at The Textile Museum  in Washington, D.C. on the topic:  Nazarlik : Small pieces as a window into the consciousness of tribal peoples from the Silk Road. Saul is a dealer in Charlottesville, VA, who … read more

Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings

TM’s Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings are generally held two Saturdays each month at 10:30 AM. They are generally held in Myers Room at The Textile Museum, 2320 S Street, NW Washington, DC. The Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings give visitors an opportunity to expand their knowledge of rugs and … read more

Afshar rugs & textiles

Virtual versions of the Textile Museum’s “Rug & Textile Appreciation Morning Programs”. Afshar Rugs and Textiles, Part 1 By R. John Howe 9 September 2009 – R. John Howe: Textiles and Text Dear folks -On May 9, 2009, Austin Doyle and Michael Seidman gave a Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning … read more