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TM’s Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings are generally held two Saturdays each month at 10:30 AM. They are generally held in Myers Room at The Textile Museum, 2320 S Street, NW Washington, DC.

The Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings give visitors an opportunity to expand their knowledge of rugs and textiles from around the world. Speakers include collectors and experts who share rugs & textiles from their own collections and invite visitors to share theirs in an informal environment.

For those who can’t attend these lectures at the location, R. John Howe has created a site R. John Howe: Textiles and Text exclusively dedicated to the distribution of virtual versions of The Textile Museum’s free “Rug and Textile Appreciation Morning” programs.

Schedule for “Rug & Textile Appreciation Mornings” in January-March 2010:

Saturday 9 January 10:30 AM
Collecting Japanese Textiles
Using pieces from his collection, Jeff Krauss provides insight into the uses of Japanese textiles, dyeing techniques and collecting practices. Free; no reservations required.

Saturday 16 January 10:30 AM
Small Pieces as a Window into the Superstitions, Customs and Beliefs of Tribal Peoples
Saul Barodofsky presents almost 100 pieces from his extensive collection and talks about non-commercial family pieces that tribal people make to ward off the evil eye and to bring fertility, prosperity and good luck to the wearers.

Saturday 30 January 10:30 AM
What is a Weaving and What is Not?
John Howe invites the audience to bring and discuss rugs or textiles to learn if they are, in fact, weavings. Free; no reservation required.

Saturday 20 February 10:30 AM
“What you Always Wanted to Know…”
A Potpourri
Textile Museum trustees Michael Seidman and Wendel Swan field questions about rugs and textiles that the audience brings: origin, age, structure, function, restoration or design are all up for discussion. Free; no reservation required.

Saturday 27 February 10:30 AM
Carbon Dating for Andean Textiles
TM trustee Amy Gould and her husband Matthew Polk will discuss their efforts to date Andean textiles by C-14 methods with examples of carbon-dated Andean textiles ranging from 800 BCE to the 19th century. Free; no reservations required.

Saturday 6 March 10:30 AM
Silk Stocking Mats: Hooked Mats of the Grenfell Mission
10:30 AM
Author Paula Laverty discusses the Grenfell Mission’s exquisite hooked mats in the context of the larger handcraft movement. Free; no reservations required.

Saturday 20 March 10:30 AM
My First 40 Years of Collecting
Textile Museum trustee Wendel Swan assists Mae Festa in sharing examples of her stunning and eclectic textile collection with the public for the first time. Free; no reservations required.

Location and more information: The Textile Museum, 2320 S Street, NW Washington, DC.

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