Nurata Suzani

Nurata is a town in Uzbekistan.

A Nurata Suzani embroidered in silk on cotton exhibited by Joss Graham
Lot 155, a Nurata Suzani with beautiful colours depicting small birds in a fine flower-and-leaf pattern, Uzbekistan, 19th ct.
Mid 19th Nurata Suzani 225×159 cm, Uzbekistan. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
1. Outstanding and rare Uzbek Suzani (possibly Bukhara or Nurata) with Safavid pattern and metal-thread background. Late 19th century 150×225 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Nurata Bokhtshe, Embroidery, Usbekistan, 71 x 70 cm, 1st half 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani.