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The Dealers’ Fair at the International Conference on Oriental Carpets 16-19 June 2011 will include a lot of highly collectable rugs and textiles from various antique rug dealers. This preview shows a small fraction of the items on display at the fair.

Ersari Rug, 169 x 126 cm, 19th Century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani, Antique And Contemporary Textile Art.
Kashan kurk relief 86×68 cm. Exhibitor Lars Nygaard.
Konya yastık circa 1840. Exhibitor Aydin Oriental Rugs.
Skane flatweave tapestry, South Sweden, 18th century. Exhibitor SMY Motamedi.
Ersari Jowal, 82 x 150 cm, 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani.
Ferahan poshti ca. 1880. Size 94×64 cm. Exhibitor Lars Nygaard.
Nurata Bokhtshe, Embroidery, Usbekistan, 71 x 70 cm, 1st half 19th century. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani.
Detail Beshir rug second half of 19th century. Exhibitor Marvadim.
Kain Kaligrafi – ceremonial shroud in batik. Cirebon, Indonesia. Circa 1920. Exhibitor Tina Tabone
Detail Shahsavan rug,early 19th century. Exhibitor Marvadim.
White ground Transylvanian medallion rug 17th century. Size 1.70m x 1.26m. Exhibitor Aaron Nejad.

Location and more information: ICOC Stockholm, Sweden

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