Sartirana – more rugs and textiles – preview II

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Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012 looks promising and the rugs and textiles on display seem, as usual for STS, to be of high standard. The reduced number of exhibitors this year will probably further improve quality.

Serkan Sari, Karlsruhe, will show an interesting  19th century Beshir Ensi, a very old 17/18th century Anatolian Konya and a 19th century Nurati Suzani. Mohammad Tehrani, Hamburg, will showcase an unusual 19th century Kazak rug, probably a Genje. David Sorgato will show a very special Ningxia throne back cover from circa 1840 and an early 16th century Italian silk and gold velvet.

Kazak rug, probably Genje, age: 19th Century, 254 x 128 cm. Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani
Beshir Ensi Central Asia Middle Amu Darya 163x117cm 1.half 19th century. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Mid 19th Nurata Suzani 225×159 cm, Uzbekistan. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Anatolian Konya 17/18th century. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Throne back cover 60 x 70 cm. Circa 1840 – Qing Dynasty, Ningshia, China. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Early 16th century Italian silk and gold velvet 50 x 27 cm. Probably Firenze. Exhibitor David Sorgato

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Location and more information: Sartirana Textile Show 13-16 September 2012, Sartirana Castle, Sartirana, Lomellina, Italy.

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