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This years Karma takes place 1-4 April in London. Among the Karma exhibitors are for the first time Alberto Boralevi who also will held a lecture “Carpets in Transylvanian Churches”. The other exhibitors include Michael Craycraft, Sarah Haberkern, Hans Homm, James Cohen, Chuck Paterson, Owen Parry, Sam Coad, Thomas Wild and Rupert Smith.

1. Outstanding and rare Uzbek Suzani (possibly Bukhara or Nurata) with Safavid pattern and metal-thread background. Late 19th century 150×225 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Arabatchie(?) shallow bag. Mangyshlak, Balkan Peninsula, East Caspian, 18/19th century, 1.10 X 0.44 m., Chodor gul but asymmetric knot open left. Exhibitor Michael Craycraft.
Chinese seat mat. Exhibitor Sarah Haberkern.
Eastern Arabatchie chuval, 1.68 X 1.01 m., 18/19th century, South Amu Darya or Bokhara. Exhibitor Michael Craycraft.
Knotted pile Shahasavan mafrash side panel, early 20th century. 120 x 38 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Central Asia, possibly Kyrgyz Boteh rug. Early 19th century. 91×140 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Chinese seat mat. Exhibitor Sarah Haberkern.

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Location and more information: KARMA 1-4 April 2011, 3rd and 4th floors 202 Apartments,202 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London

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