A Sofreh (Soffreh) is a flatwoven blanket, sometimes with embroidery, and a table cloth.

Sofreh. (Exhibitor Mohsen Chavoshbaran at Sartirana textile Show 2011).
Sofreh circa 1920. Size 111×103 cm. (Exhibitor Kamoo Gallery at ICOC Stockholm Dealers Fair)
Afshar Sofreh, East Persia, 106 x 129 cm. (Exhibitor Collezione Orler at STS 2010)
Sofreh (Persian Sofrehs was exhibited by Collezione Orler at Sartirana Textile Show)
Balouch sofreh circa 1900 (Seltene Orientteppiche – Vienna’s antique rug dealers)
Bahluli soffre, 78 X 161 cm. (Exhibitor Ulrike Montigel at SF ARTS 2012)

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