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The 4th edition of the Antique Rug & Textile Show will run from 18 October to 21 October 2012 at the Motel Capri in San Francisco.

Imrelli tora, late 18th century
Imrelli tora, late 18th century, 110 X 57 cm. Unusual green and exceptionally fine weave for this particular tribe. Also known as “Eagle Group. Galerie ArabesQue
Bayat trapping
Bayat trapping, 91 X 77 cm., mid 19th century. Desirable “Bird” design and unusual size. Turshiz, Khorassan, NE Iran. Bags and trappings from this tribe are uncommon. See this at SF ARTS. Galerie ArabesQue
Rare Turkoman chuval,
Rare Turkoman chuval, 108 X 61 cm., mid 19th century. Rare 25 gul format, very fine weave, and a controversial attribution (explained and discussed in the ARTS 2012 section of our web site) Galerie ArabesQue
Colorful Pendeh Jamshidi rug, 1.04 X 1.74 m.
Colorful Pendeh Jamshidi rug, 1.04 X 1.74 m. Galerie ArabesQue
Taimani prayer rug
Taimani prayer rug, 100 X 144 cm., circa 1880. Galerie ArabesQue
Bahluli soffre
Bahluli soffre, 78 X 161 cm. This rare soffre will be shown by Dr. Ulrike Montigel at SF ARTS this October
18th century Arabatchie chuval,
18th century Arabatchie chuval, 140 X 78 cm. See this in Michael Craycraft´s room (216) at SF ARTS this October
Tekke funerary rug
Tekke funerary rug, 0.90 X 1.55, circa 1825. 4 colors of silk; blue, green, and two different shades of insect dye. Rare. See this in room 216 at SF Arts this October.
Kirghiz torba
Kirghiz torba
Turkoman chuval
Turkoman chuval, 1.35 X 1.05 m., pre 18th century?

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