A Turkmen Khalyk is a camel trapping and used for for bridal processions. Most Khalyks are Tekke Khalyks.

A Tekke Khalyk, Central Asia, Turkmenia. Mid-19th century. W. 74 cm. H. 46 cm/incl. tassels 75 cm.(Bruun Rasmussen 29 May 2019)
Tekke Khalyk, West Turkestan, c. 55 x 89 cm, first half of the 19th century. (Dorotheum 20 February 2019)
Cameltrapping khalyk (Masterpieces of Turkmen Weaving at de Young Museum)
19th century Khalyk, Tekke 63 x 49 cm. (Van Ham 30 October 2013)
Tekke Khalyk, 84 x 60 cm, 19th century. (Exhibitor Mohammad Tehrani at Sartirana Textile Show 2011)
Tekke khalyk., early 19th century. 35 x 23 x 73 cm. (Rippon Boswell, Lesley and Robert Pinner Collection, 15 May 2004)