Ottoman Turkish Carpets – Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts

This interesting exhibition will run until 31 December 2008 in the Museum of Applied Arts. The exhibition is in memoriam of the Hungarian carpet researcher Ferenc Batari (1934-2005).

The exhibition includes Anatolian Lotto and Holbein carpets from the 16-17th centuries, Transylvanian carpets ( Usak), Ladik and Ghiordes prayer rugs, and a few elder 15th century Anatolian rugs.

The carpets on view are – though several hundreds years old – generally in very good conditions because they have been used as decorations and wall hangings and not laid on floors. As a part of the exhibition the carpets are supplemented by funerary portraits from the Hungarian National Museum and paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

17th century Lotto rug ( named after the Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto). Above: funerary portrait – unknown painter
17th century Lotto rug. Above: funerary portrait – unknown painter. Right: Transylvanian rug
16th century Lotto rugs
Six panel Ladik prayer rug, second half 17th century
Holbein rug, first quarter 16th century ( named after the German painter Hans Holbein the Younger)
Left: Ghiordes prayer rug Right: Ghiordes or Kula
Crivelli rug 15th century.
Ottoman Turkish Carpets – Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Memling rug fragment 15th century
Transylvanian rug ( Usak first half 17th century)
Transylvanian Usak 17th
Transylvanian rug 17th century Usak
Transylvanian rugs
“Bird” rugs

Location and more information: Museum of Applied Arts, (Iparmûvészeti Múzeum) Üllői út 33-37, Budapest, Hungary

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