Ottoman Turkish Carpets – Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts

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This interesting exhibition will run until 31 December 2008 in the Museum of Applied Arts. The exhibition is in memoriam of the Hungarian carpet researcher Ferenc Batari (1934-2005).

The exhibition includes Anatolian Lotto and Holbein carpets from the 16-17th centuries, Transylvanian carpets ( Usak), Ladik and Ghiordes prayer rugs, and a few elder 15th century Anatolian rugs.

The carpets on view are – though several hundreds years old – generally in very good conditions because they have been used as decorations and wall hangings and not laid on floors. As a part of the exhibition the carpets are supplemented by funerary portraits from the Hungarian National Museum and paintings from the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

17th century Lotto rug ( named after the Italian painter Lorenzo Lotto). Above: funerary portrait – unknown painter
17th century Lotto rug. Above: funerary portrait – unknown painter. Right: Transylvanian rug
16th century Lotto rugs
Six panel Ladik prayer rug, second half 17th century
Holbein rug, first quarter 16th century ( named after the German painter Hans Holbein the Younger)
Left: Ghiordes prayer rug Right: Ghiordes or Kula
Crivelli rug 15th century.
Ottoman Turkish Carpets – Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
Memling rug fragment 15th century
Transylvanian rug ( Usak first half 17th century)
Transylvanian rug 17th century Usak
Transylvanian rugs
“Bird” rugs

Location and more information: Museum of Applied Arts, (Iparmûvészeti Múzeum) Üllői út 33-37, Budapest, Hungary

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