Sartirana Textile Show 2008 – Photos

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The fair ended Sunday 21 September. “The fair this year has been very well attended with about 50% increase of the number of visitors, but also the number of exhibitors was increased at the same rate” says Alberto Boralevi.  Among the exhibits I could notice a great number of Turkmen, particularly Ensis and tent bands, probably because of our special exhibition” he continues.

Photos Sartirana Textile Show 2008 ( photo courtesy Alberto Boralevi)

Sartirana Textile Show – First floor main gallery
Sartirana Textile Show – First floor side gallery
Special exhibition Ensis and tentbands from the Jonathan Broido Collection
Main lower gallery
Exhibition North African Textile Arts
Herbert Bieler’s stand
Leopoldo Rhodio
Michael Craycraft’s Turkmen Wall
Mohammad Tehrani
The stand of Karavan Art and Adnan Aydin
Bertram Frauenknecht with ikat jacket
The stand of Khotan-RSK Milano
Nader’s stand
Pascal Michaud with unusual Tiger rug
Saeed Shalgouni, Kamoo Gallery

Find antique rugs in Vendors gallery

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