Yomut rugs

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Yomut or Yomud is a Turkmen tribe that lives from Gorgan in Iran to Turkmenbashi and eastern Caspian shores in Turkmenistan.

Yomut torba., ca. 1800. Size 48 x 101 cm. (Rippon Boswell, Lesley and Robert Pinner Collection, 15 May 2004)
Yomut ensi circa 1910. 126×152 cm. Estimate EUR 550.00 – 910.00
Lot 137. Rare Red-Ground Yomut Asmalyk. 118 x 85 cm. Turkmenistan, mid 19th century.Estimate € 8.000 – 12.000
Lot 84. Yomut Asmalyk 3′ 10″ x 2′ 6″. Turkmenistan, ca. 1870. Estimate: € 2000 – 3000
Lot 121. Yomut Main Carpet, Turkmenistan, first half 19th century. Provenance: Siawosch Azadi. Estimate: € 4000 – 6000
Yomut Mafrash Exhibitor Mark Berkovitch
Lot 329. Yomut Turkmen ensi, Turkmenistan, second half 19th century, 5ft. 2in. x 4ft. 1in. 1.58m. x 1.25m. Estimate: £1000-1500
Lot 25, a Yomut Asmalyk
Turkmen Eaglegroup Yomut
Yomut Chuval late 19th C
Lot 451. Yomut Turkmen dyrnak gul main carpet, Turkmenistan, mid-19th century, 9ft. 4in. x 5ft. 10in. 2.85m. x 1.78m. £4000-5000
Lot 402, a 19th century Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan. Size 90 x 138 cm.

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