More Yomut rugs I

Lot 400, a 19th centuty Yomut, Turkmenistan. Size 241 x 171 cm
Lot 400, a 19th centuty Yomut, Turkmenistan. 241 x 171 cm
LOT 190, A YOMUT MAIN CARPET, WEST TURKESTAN approximately 298 by 194cm; 9ft. 9in., 6ft. 4in. late 19th century. Estimate 3,000 — 4,000 GBP
Lot 100. A Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan, late 19th century. 67 x 107 cm. Estimate 600 EUR
Lot 227, a mid 19th century Yomut Mafrash, Central Asia, West Turkestan. Dimensions 38 x 71 cm. Estimate 1,900.00 €. This mafrash was a part of the Robert Pinner Collection, sold at Rippon Bosswell in 2004.
Lot 124, a Yomut main carpet 9ft. 2in. x 5ft. 3in. Turkmenistan circa 1800. Estimate € 50,000 – 70,000 and hammer price € 45,000
Lot 125, a Yomut Asmalyk, Turkmenistan, late 19th century. 68 x 130 cm. Estimate1000 EUR
Lot 1990. Yomut Turkmen main carpet, dyrnak gul design with ‘boat’ vine border, first half 19th century, 8ft. 10in. x 5ft. 7in. 2.69m. x 1.79m. Estimate: £3500-4000
Lot 1926. Yomut Turkmen ak yup (tent band) fragment, possibly by the Igdir sub-tribe, Turkmenistan, mid-late 19th century, 20ft. 6in. x 1ft. 5in. .24m. x 0.42m. Estimate: £1200-1500
Yomut torba. Mid 19th.c. Exhibitor Owen Parry
Lot 1974: Igdir Turkmen torba face, Yomut group, late 19th/early 20thC. Estimate: £600-800
Lot 1979C. An Yomut Turkmen ok-bash, Turkmenistan or Afghanistan 19th century, overall (open) 0.64m. x 0.585m. Esimate £500-700
Lot 1979B. An Yomut Turkmen asmalyk, Turkmenistan second half 19th century, 0.69m. x 1.07m. Estimate £800-1200