Italian textiles

The educational photo-gallery of Italian textiles includes several examples of Italian Abruzzi from the 17th-19th centuries,

Detail of 17th century Abruzzi textile. Alberto Boralevi
Textile detail. Abruzzo 19th century
Abruzzo 19th century
Abruzzo 19th century
Abruzzo ‘bancale’ carpet with a double-headed eagle in the center, Pescocostanzo 18th century. 211×88 cm
Italian textile 17th century Exhibitor Bertram Frauenknecht
Baptistry Carpet of the Peyron-Bardini Foundation. (Sartirana Textile Show 2022)
Stile Fiorentino San Miniato Carpet. 2.38 x 3.77m (7’10” x 12’4″). Ca. 1930. (Alberto Boralevi Hali Fair 2022)

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