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Update 31.12.2021 – Sartirana Textile Show postponed.

Due to the worsening pandemic situation in Italy, the Fair in Bergamo has been postponed to a future date.


Sartirana Textile Show 2021 was cancelled but there will be a fair in January 2022 in Bergamo within the context of the Bergamo Antiques Fair, 14-23 January 2022.

Dealers fair

The show will host 12 antique rug and textile art dealers, five from Germany and seven from Italy. The dealer list includes Mohammad Tehrani, Hamburg, Mariolla Frauenknecht, Fuerth, Galerie Arabesque, Stuttgart, Thomas Wild, Berlin, Alberto Boralevi, Florence, Carpet Diem, Monfalcone, Mirco Cattai, Milan, Franco dell’Orto, Venice, Morandi Tappeti, Castelvetro Piacentino (PC), Serkan Sari, Karlsruhe, Mohsen Chavoshbaran, Venice, and Anatolian Carpet Ufuklar, Ravenna.

Fragment of Florentine velvet
Fragment of Florentine velvet with pomegranate pattern, c. 1450, 42 x61 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi.
Zakatala carpet
Zakatala carpet with Memling gul pattern, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century, 200X133 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
Ninghsia medallion carpet with apricot background, North West China, early 19th century, 242×155 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
Ninghsia medallion carpet with apricot background, North West China, early 19th century, 242×155 cm. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi

Side exhibitions of Tibetan carpets and Peyron carpets

As usual Sartirana Textile Show includes two side exhibition and a lecture program. One exhibition, organized by Thomas Wild is on Tibetan carpets and the other, organized by Alberto Boralevi, is on the Peyron Carpets woven in Prato, near Florence at the beginning of the 20th century. The ancient Tibetan carpets om display are selected by Thomas Wild from an exhibition currently taking place at the Schloss Voigsberg Museum in Oelsnitz/Vogtl in Germany. The exhibition on the Peyron manufacture will present three rare examples of ‘Florentine Carpets’ made around 1910 with the patterns inspired by the early thirteenth-century marble inlaid floors of the Florence Baptistery and of the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte. The carpets have never been exhibited for the public before.

Tibetan Khamdrum
154 x 82 cm Tibetan Khamdrum
90 x 95cm Wangdrum
Baptistry Carpet of the Peyron-Bardini Foundation
Baptistry Carpet of the Peyron-Bardini Foundation 200×200 cm
San Miniato Carpet
San Miniato Carpet of the Peyron-Bardini Foundation 284 x 203 cm

Tea Time Textile Talks

The lecture program, the so-called Tea-Time-Textile-Talks, includes the presentation of some recently published books. The two other lectures will refer to the side exhibitions. Ulrike Montigel and Thomas Wild will present the Tibetan carpets on display and the Tibetan Tantric symbolism in them and Alberto Boralevi will speak about The Lanificio Peyron and the “Mercatal” carpets.

Information and location: Sartirana Textile Show, 14-23 January 2022 at Fiera di Bergamo, Via Lunga, 24125 Bergamo BG.

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