Alberto Boralevi, exhibitor at Hali Fair Online 2022

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Alberto Boralevi is one of the exhibitors showcasing antique rugs and textiles at the Hali Fair 2022 Online. The fair opened yesterday 20 May 2022 and will run trough 30 May.

‘I will be exhibiting a selection of 40 pieces, including the most important and ancient carpets, fragments and textiles I currently have in stock. Among these, I wish to highlight an extraordinary 17th century armchair upholstered with an Ottoman Turkish velvet and large early 20th century Italian carpet from the Peyron looms of Mercatale di Prato’ says Alberto Boralevi to Jozan Magazine.

Stile Fiorentino San Miniato Carpet
Stile Fiorentino San Miniato Carpet. 2.38 x 3.77m (7’10” x 12’4″). Ca. 1930. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
Armchair with 17th century Ottoman velvet
Armchair with 17th century Ottoman velvet. Turkey mid 17th century. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
Late 19th century Caucasian Bijov rug
Late 19th century Caucasian Bijov rug. 1.06 x 1.38m (3’6″ x 4’6″). Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi
Sumakh Panel with Knotted Band
Sumakh Panel with Knotted Band. 0.97 x 0.81m (3’2″ x 2’8″). Iran late 19th century. Exhibitor Alberto Boralevi

This edition of the Hali Fair Online is the second fair held online by Hali, the periodical on antique rugs and Islamic art.

More information and links: Hali Fair Online 2022

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