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Khamseh rugs are woven by several tribes in the Khamseh Confederacy inhabiting the Fars province in the souhtwestern part of Iran. Find tribal Khamseh rugs and bags in this educational photo-gallery.

Lot 20 Khamseh rug, Southwest Persia circa 1880. Size 193 by 134cm. Estimate 2.000 – 3.000 GBP
Lot 52. Khamseh Saddle Rug, Persia, 19th C. Est. $1,800-$2,400
Lot 18. Khamseh rug, South West Persia, Fars. Dimensions 236 x 160 cm. Late 19th century. Estimate EUR 3,700 – 4,500
Early 20th century Khamseh rug. Exhibitor Ron Hort
19th century Khamseh chicken rug. Exhibitor Ron Hort
Lot 420. Khamseh Confederacy rug, possibly by the Ainalu Arab Nomads, Fars Province, south west Persia, last quarter 19th century, 6ft. 1in. x 4ft. 9in. 1.86m. x 1.45m. Estimate: £2500-3500
Lot 456. Khamseh rug, Fars, south west Persia, late 19th/early 20th century, 7ft. 11in. x 4ft. 5in. 2.41m. x 1.35m. Estimate £1,500-2,000
Persian Khamseh, end of 19th century. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Khamseh bagface
Khamseh rug – Alberto Boralevi
Lot 44 Khamseh rug early 20ct.
Khamseh Bassiri tribe 1920-40 ©Woolley & Wallis
Lot 191, Khamseh circa 1900, 159×119 cm
Lot 2079, a rug by the Arab Ghani tribe of the Khamseh Confederation, Fars, south west Persia, early 20th century, 7ft. 10in. x 5ft. 7in. 2.39m. x 1.79m. Estimate: £200-300
Lot 88, a Khamseh rug, South Persia, late 19th century. 206 x 153 cm. Estimate 1000 EUR
Lot 40. A KHAMSEH RUG, South West Persia, 186cm x 144cm £500 – 700
Lot 549, a Khamseh circa 1900. Size 140 x 188 cm. Estimate EUR 670 – 1,000

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