Persian rugs and carpets

Carpet making in Persia is an ancient art and craft. Persian rugs and carpets are woven by nomadic tribes, in villages and in town work-shops as well as in royal court manufactories in former times.

Persian Abadeh rug

Abadeh rugs

Abadeh rugs are Persian rugs knotted in the town Abadeh located in the southwestern Iran. The design is influenced by the Qashgai tribe… read more

Afshar rugs

The Afshars are a Turkic speaking tribe located in Iran near Kerman. Both nomadic people and settled in villages. Afshar rugs are squariesh with geometrical design… read more

Ahar rugs

Ahar is a town in Iran in the Heriz region. The Heriz design is often used in rugs from Ahar… read more

Angelas rugs

Angelas rugs, also often spelled Injelas rugs, are knotted in the Iranian Hamadan region… read more

Ardebil rugs

Ardebil (Ardabil) is a town in Iranian Azerbaijan. Some contemporary rug designs used in this area are influenced by Caucasian designs… read more

Ardekan rugs

Ardekan (Ardakan) is a town north of Yadz and south of Nain. The weavers from the town use Kashan designs for their more coarsely woven rugs… read more

Bakhtiari rugs

The Center of the Bakhtiari rugs weaving area is south-east of Isfahan in Shahr-e-Kord in Iran. The formerly nomadic tribe has become settled. Find excellent examples of Bakhtiari rugs in this photo-gallery. Visit the auction price guide the see auction results on Bakhtiari rugs.

Bakshaish rugs

Bakshaish rugs and carpets are considered among the finest examples of larger rugs from the Heriz region in the North-Western Iran. This photo-gallery includes excellent examples of Bakshaish rugs. Visit the auction price guide the see auction results on Bakhshaish rugs.

Bibikabad rugs

Bibikabad rugs are knotted around the village Bibi Kabad in the Hamadan region of Iran. This photo-gallery includes examples af Bibikabad rugs.

Bidjar rugs

Bidjar is a small Kurdish town in the Western Iran. Bidjar rugs are often called ‘Iron rugs’ because they are made very compact and durable and with excellent craftmanship. Find examples of Bidjar rugs in this photo-gallery. Visit the auction price guide the see auction results on Bidjar rugs. Lot … read more

Birjand rugs

Birjand rugs are also knowned internationally as Moud rugs (Mood rugs). Most of the rugs in the region are woven in the villages around Birjand.  

Borchalu rugs

Persian Borchalu rugs are from the village of Borchalu in the Iranian Hamadan region. Find examples in our photo-gallery.

Doroksh rugs

Doroksh (Dorokhsh) is a town in northeast Iran north of Birjand. Visit the auction price guide the see auction results on Dorokhs rugs.

Ferdows rugs

Ferdows is located in the Province of South Khorasan. The rugs from the areas around Ferdows is often made by Baluchis. Find examples in this photo-gallery.

Fereghan rugs

Fereghan rugs from the 19th century are finely woven and from the area north of Arak City. They are also often called Fereghan Sarouks. This photo-gallery includes excellent examples of fine antique Fereghan (Farahan, Ferahan) rugs and carpets. Visit the auction price guide the see auction results on Fereghan rugs.

Gabbeh rugs

Persian Gabbeh rugs are coarsely woven tribal rugs, often with simple geometric patterns and figures. Gabbehs are woven by Luri, Qashqai and Bakhtiari tribes… read more

Garagozloo rugs

Kurdish rugs woven by the Garagozloo (Garahgozloo) tribe in the north western part of the Hamadan region.

Golpayegan rugs

Golpayegan is a town between Isfahan and Arak. Contemporary rugs from the town are often with a single medallion… read more

Goltug rugs

Goltug rugs are made in Zanjan in the North Western part of Iran. They have a solid grib like a real Bidjar and contemporary rugs are often sold as Goltug Bidjar. Find examples in this educational gallery.    

Gorevan rugs

Gorevan is a town near Heriz. A so called ‘Gorevan’ rug is often a lower grade Heriz rug and more coarsely woven. Find examples in this educational photo-gallery.  

Hamadan rugs

The city of Hamadan is located in the northwest Iran and is a collecting point for a very large rug weaving area. Many of the rugs from the villages and towns in the Hamadan region are sold as Hamadan rugs.

Heriz rugs

Heriz is a town in Iranian Azerbaijan. The traditional design of a Heriz rug is a geometric medallion with pendants. Find excellent examples of Heriz (Herez, Heris) rugs and carpets in this educational photo-gallery.

Hosseinabad rugs

Hosseinabad is an village in the Hamadan region located south of Hamadan City. Find examples of Hosseinabad rugs in the educational rug-photo gallery.  

Isfahan rugs

Isfahan (Esfahan) is a ancient city in the western central part of Persia (Iran). Isfahan was the Persian capital under Shah Abbas and the Safavid successors. This educational Isfahan Persian rugs and carpets gallery includes both carpets from the 17th century and signed Seirafian Isfahan carpets from the mid 20th … read more

Joshegan rugs

Joshegan is a town in the northern central Iran southwest of Kashan. The design is an all-over ‘diamond’ pattern and the rugs are easy to identify. Find examples of Joshegan rugs (Joshagan rugs) in the educational photo-gallery.

Jozan rugs

Jozan rugs are from the town of Jozan (Djozan, Djosan, Josan, Guzan) in the Malayer area. Jozan rugs are quality rugs of the Sarouk type often with designs as early 20th century Sarouks. Find examples of Jozan rugs in the educational Jozan rug gallery.

Karaja rugs

Karaja (Karadja) is an Iranian town located in the northwestern part of Iran.. read more

Kashan carpets

Kashan is a city in the north central Iran. During the Safavid period Kashan was famous for great court carpets. Find examples of 16th century court carpets and more recent antique Kashan rugs and carpets in this educational photo-gallery.

Kashmar rugs

Kashmar is a city the Khorasan Province, Iran. It is located southwest of Mashad and southeast of Sabzevar… read more

Kasvin rugs

Kasvin is a city in northern Iran. Semi-antique Persian Kasvin rugs (Kazvin rugs) are often medallion rugs. Find examples in the educational gallery. Her

Kelardasht rugs

Kelardasht is a town and a valley in the Mazandaran Province in the mountains north of Tehran. Find examples of Kelardasht rugs (Kalardasht rugs) in the educational gallery.

Kerman carpets

Kerman is a city in southeast Iran. Persian Kerman carpets (Kirman) from the 17th century include the famous Kerman ‘Vase’ carpets and this educational photo-gallery includes several fragments of these carpets. More recent antique weavings include medaillon designs, pictorial carpets and other designs.

Kermanshah rugs

Kermanshah is a city and region in the western part of Iran. Find examples of Persian Kermanshah rugs (Kirmanshah rugs) in this educational rug photo-gallery.

Khamseh rugs

Khamseh rugs are woven by several tribes in the Khamseh Confederacy inhabiting the Fars province in the souhtwestern part of Iran. Find tribal Khamseh rugs and bags in this educational photo-gallery.

Khorassan carpets

Khorassan is a province of northeast Persia. Khorassan has been famous for fine rugs and carpets going back in time. Find examples of 17th century carpets in this educational photo-gallery.

Khoy rugs

Khoy is a city and a county in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran… read more

Kolyai rugs

Kolyai rugs are Kurdish nomadic or village rugs from the Kermanshah province in Western Iran… read more

Lavar Kerman rugs

Lavar Kerman rugs or Raver Kerman rugs are produced in a town north of Kerman. The name Lavar is often used for finer Kerman carpets. .. read more

Lilihan rugs

Lilihan is a town in Iran south of Arak (Sultanabad). Lillihan rugs from the town are similar in design to Sarouks.

Luri rugs

Luri is a Southwestern Iranian language spoken by the Lur people. Luri rugs are woven in the Zagros Mountains in southwestern Persia… read more

Mahal rugs

Mahal rugs are produced in the area around the city of Arak (Sultanabad). Most Mahal rugs have bold and floral designs… read more

Malayer rugs

Malayer is a town south of Hamadan. Many of the rugs from Malayer and the villages around are single wefted like Hamadans. Images in the Malayer rug gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.

Mazlaghan rugs

Mazlaghan is a village located in the Hamadan Province of western Iran. Mazlaghan rugs  have a design with a large medallion with quartered medallion corners… read more

Meshed rugs

Mashad (Meshed) is located in the east of Iran, in the province of Khorasan. Mashad is both a center for rug production and also a collection point for rugs from the surrounding areas… read more

Meshkin rugs

Meshkin is a town in the Zanjan Province of northwestern Iran. The designs of Meshkin rugs are often much similar to Causcasian rugs… read more

Meymeh rugs

Meymeh is a town 15 km south of Joshegan. The design of Meymeh rugs is quite similar to Joshegan rugs.

Mianeh rugs

Mianeh is a city and county in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran. See examples of Mianeh rugs in this photo-gallery… read more

Moshkabad rugs

Moshkabad is probably a trade label for certain Iranian rugs, perhaps a lower grade of rugs from the Arak region… read more

Mosul rugs

Mosul rugs is a trade name for certain Iranian Kurdish rugs… read more

Moud rugs

Moud (Mud) is a town near Birjand and a major weaving center in the province of Khorrassan… read more

Nahavand rugs

Nahavand rugs are woven in the Hamadan region of northwestern Iran. Nahavand is a town south of Hamadan and west of Malayer… read more

Nain carpets

Nain carpets are very densely knotted carpets. Nain is a city in Central Iran located east of Isfahan. Rug production is relative new here and began in the 20th. century… read more

Najafabad rugs

Najafabad rugs are from Najafabad, located in central Iran near the city of Isfahan… read more

Niriz rugs

Niriz (Neyriz) is a city and county of the Fars Province in southwest Iran. The rugs from Niriz are woven in Qashqai designs… read more

Northwest Persian rugs

The label Northwest Persian rugs refers to rugs from countless weaving villages in the Northwest Iran… read more

Persian bags and saddle rugs

The photo-gallery with Persian bags and saddlerugs includes Afshar, Luri, Qashqai, Khamseh and Veramin pile and soumak weavings… read more

Persian kilims and soumaks

The educational rug photo-gallery with Persian kilims includes Senneh kilims, Bidjar kilims, Qashqai kilims and Bakhtiari kilims to mention the most well known Persian kilims… read more

Polonaise carpets

Despite the name Polonaise carpets were made in Isfahan or Kashan in the late 16th and 17th centuries on the order of Polish nobilities and aristocrats.

Qashqai rugs

The Qashqai’s are tribes people from the Fars Province in southwest Persia in a confederation of different tribes… read more

Qum silk rugs

Qum is a city in Iran. The carpet production in Qum has not a long tradition and began in the 20th century. Qum is especially known for their silk rugs… read more

Sabzevar rugs

Sabzevar is located ca. 150 km west of Mashad in the northeastern Iran. The rug production in Sabzevar boomed around 1980 but decreased after a short period.

Safavid period carpets

The climax of Persian carpet design and manufacture was achieved under the Safavid dynasty as a result of the inluence of court designers at all levels of artistic carpet production. The Safavid dynasties of Persia ruled from 1501 to 1722.  

Sarab rugs

Sarab rugs are from the town Sarab in the province of Azerbaijain in northwestern Persia. The rugs from Sarab are special because of the long rug and runner format… read more

Sarabend rugs

Sarabend rugs are from the Sarabend district and area southwest of Arak.  Sarabend is best known for their runners… read more

Sarouk rugs

Sarouk is a village north of Arak in Persia. Sarouk is also a trade name for rugs in the Arak area and sourrounding villages and towns. .. read more

Sauj Bulag rugs

Sauj Bulag rugs are Kurdish rugs made in North West Persia in the town Mahabad or surrounding areas. .. read more

Semnan rugs

Semnan is the capital city of Semnan Province, located in north central Iran. Rugs from Semnan have often all-over-patters… read more

Senneh rugs

Senneh or Sanandej is located in Kurdistan Province in Iran. The Kurds in Senneh are famous for their very fine knotted rugs… read more

Serapi carpets

Serapi carpets or Serapi rugs are trade names for finer rugs from the Heriz area of northwestern Iran… read more

Shiraz rugs

Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province. Shiraz is a collecting point and major market for rugs. The label Shiraz rug is used for rugs from all over Fars… read more

Sultanabad rugs

The city and the province Sultanabad (now Arak) in Iran were a major center for rug production in Iran in the late 19th and early 20th centuries… read more

Tabriz rugs

Tabriz is the capital city of East Azerbaijan Province, in northwestern Iran. Mid 19th century Tabriz rugs were often woven in court designs… read more

Tafresh rugs

Tafresh is a city between Hamadan and Qum in northwestern Iran. Rugs from Tafresh are single wefted like Hamadan rugs… read more

Taleghan rugs

Taleghan is a town east of Qazvin and north of Tehran… read more

Tehran rugs

Tehran is the capital of Iran, in the north of the country and a major market for Persian rugs… read more

Tuisarkhan rugs

Tuisarkhan is a town near Hamadan in the western Iran. The typical design includes a geometric medaillion with pendants… read more

Veramin rugs

Veramin is a town near Tehran. The rugs from Veramin (Varamin) have Mina Khani designs.

Viss rugs

Viss is a village located in the Markazi Province of central Iran east of Hamadan… read more

Yadz rugs

Yadz is a central Iranian city weaving rugs of medallion designs similar to Kermans or Sarouks. Main colors are blue, red and ivory… read more

Yalameh rugs

The term Yalameh is used to describe village rugs in western Iran which have motifs of the Khamseh, Qashqai and Lori tribes. Images in the Yalameh rug gallery are published with permission from auction houses, dealers, collectors or museums.  

Zandjan rugs

Zandjan (Zanjan) is the capital of Zanjan Province in Iran. It is located between Tehran and Tabriz… read more

Zarand rugs

Zarand is a city and county of Kerman Province. See examples of Zarand carpets… read more

Ziegler carpets

Ziegler and Co. was a German firm based in Manchester (England) who was actively involved in carpet trade. Ziegler set up looms in Sultanabad and exported a large number of rugs from Iran to Europe from the mid 19th century until the early 20th century… read more

Zili Sultan carpets

Carpets labelled Zili Sultan are Persian carpets with a design of repeated vases and flowers… read more

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