Bakhtiari rugs

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The Center of the Bakhtiari rugs weaving area is south-east of Isfahan in Shahr-e-Kord in Iran. The formerly nomadic tribe has become settled. Find excellent examples of Bakhtiari rugs in this photo-gallery.

Bakhtiari long rug early 20th century. 320×150 cm. Estimate 300-500 GBP
Bakhtiari carpet
Bakhtiari rug
Lot 895. Bakhtiari rug circa 1910. 320×440 cm. Estimate EUR 2180 – 3090
Lot 486. Bakhtiari mid 19th century. 513 x 314cm
Lot 58 Bakhtiari
Lot 3003. A BAKHTIARI RUG. Southwest Persia size approximately 6ft. 1in. x 6ft. 9in. US$ 3,000 – 5,000
Lot 4. Lot 4. Bakhtiari Khan carpet, Chahar Mahal, South Central Persia, 20th c. dated 1912, 528 cm. x 480 cm. Est. 20.000 / 30.000 €,
Lot 48. Bakhtiari 284 x 170 cm. Ca. 1930. Estimate EUR 4,200.00
Lot 1088, Bakhtiari, Iran, 1940, 573 x 358 cm. Estimate EUR 2.000,- to 3.000,-
Lot 1595. A large yellow ground inscribed Bakhtiari carpet, probably Shahr Kord Chahar Mahal valley, south west Persia, early 20th century, 16ft. 9in. x 15ft. 5in. 5.11m. x 4.70m. Estimate £6,000-8,000
1578. A Bakhtiari rug, Shahr Kord, Chahar Mahal Valley, south west Persia about 1900-20, 1.96m. x 1.45m. Estimate £1200-1500