Karabagh rugs

Karabakh is a geographic region, extending from the highlands of the Lesser Caucasus down to the lowlands between the rivers Kura and Aras. Karabagh rugs are known for their quality. Designs and colors are related to other Caucasian rugs with tribal geometric and large medallions.

Karabagh 190 x 130 cm, Caucasus, early 20th century. Provenance Wormser collection, Germany. (Austria Auction Company 30 March 2017)
Lot 114. Karabagh 240 x 142 cm, Caucasus, early 20th century. Provenance Wormser collection, Germany. Estimate € 1000 – 1500
Lot 4154996, an antique Caucasian Karabagh runner 235×102 cm..
Karabagh prayer rug dated 1817
Lot 129, Karabagh, 177 x 133 cm. End of 19th century. Estimate EUR 1,800
Lot 18 Karabagh ca. 1900
Lot 1030, A KARABAGH CORRIDOR CARPET. 6 ft. 9 1/2 in. x 17 ft. 9 in. Estimate $ 800-1,200
Lot 87, Karabagh. 19th C. 200 x 112cm. Condition C/D according to Van Ham (Heavy colour corrosion). Estimate: 500 €
Karabagh prayer rug. Photo courtesy Rippon Boswell.
Karabagh rug, Caucasus. With initials and dated 1914. Est. Euro 1100-1400.-
Lot 61, a Karabagh rug. South Caucasus, Azerbaijan second half 19th century. Size 153 x 143 cm. Estimate: 4.000,00 €
Karabagh rug second half 19th century. Exhibitor Herbert Bieler, Seltene Orientteppiche.
A Karabagh dated 1912

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