Caucasian rugs

Caucasian rugs are primarily village rugs and normally display geometric designs in primary colours. The Caucasus is the area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Akstafa rugs

The Akstafa peacock motif is used in Akstafa rugs. Akstafa is a town in Azerbaijan and also the name of a river… read more

Avar rugs

Avar rugs are woven by an ethnic group Avar in Daghestan. The traditional Avar design is a hooked diamond in light red on a indigo blue field… read more

Bahmanli carpets

Bahmanli carpets are associated with the village Boyuk Bahmanli in Karabakh, Azerbaijan… read more

Baku rugs

Baku is the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan, as well as the largest city of Caucasus. When speaking about Baku rugs they are from the area and villages around Baku in the historical Baku Khanate… read more

Bidjov rugs

Bidjov rugs or Bidjov Kuba rugs are from the southeast Caucasus in Azerbaijan… read more

Caucasian kilims and soumaks

The educational rug photo-gallery with Caucasian kilims and soumaks includes Shirvan kilims, Kazak kilims, Kuba kilims, Dragon and East Caucasian soumaks and more… read more

Chajli rugs

Chajli rugs are often labelled Chajli Kazak or Chajli Shirvan. The Chajli design consist of three octogonal medallions… read more

Chelaberd rugs

The design of Chelaberd rugs are associated with the village Chalabilar in Karabagh. They are also named Sunburst Kasak or Eagle Kazak… read more

Chichi rugs

Chichi is a village in the Kuba region of Azerbaijan in Caucasus. .. read more

Chondzoresk rugs

Chondzoresk rugs are also named Cloudband Kazaks and are from Karabagh region, Southern Caucasus… read more

Daghestan rugs

Daghestan is a republic of Russia located along the shore of the Caspian Sea, in the North Caucasus. Daghestan is especially known for their prayer rugs… read more

Derbend rugs

Derbend, now Derbent, is a city in Daghestan, Russia, located on the Caspian Sea… read more

Dragon carpets

Dragon carpets include motifs of stylized dragons giving the name “Dragon Carpets” to this type of rugs produced in south Caucasus… read more

Erivan rugs

Erivan (now Yerevan) is the capital of Armenia. Erivan Rugs were made in the Erivan district by Armenian weavers… read more

Gendje rugs

Gendje (Ganja) is the second lagest city in Azerbaijan. Gendje is located between the weavings areas of Karabagh, Kazak and Shirvan and has also been a collection point for rugs from surrounding areas… read more

Karabagh rugs

Karabakh is a geographic region, extending from the highlands of the Lesser Caucasus down to the lowlands between the rivers Kura and Aras. Karabagh rugs are known for their quality. Designs and colors are related to other Caucasian rugs with tribal geometric and large medallions… read more

Karagashli rugs

Karagashli rugs are made in Northeast Caucasus in the Kuba area… read more

Kasim Ushag

Kasim Ushag rugs are made in the Karabagh region. It is debated if Kasim Ushag rugs are made by Armenian or Kurdish weavers… read more

Kazak rugs

Kazak rugs are made in South and South West Caucasus and there are several sub-groups of these Kazaks including the Karachov, Fachralo, Bordjalou, and Sewan Kazaks. Many Kazak rugs have been attributed to Armenian weavers… read more

Konagkend rugs

Konagkend (Konagend) is a village in the Kuba district… read more

Kuba rugs

Kuba rugs were woven in the the surroundings of Kuba in villages around the towns of Perepedil, Divichi, Konaghend and Karagashli… read more

Lenkoran rugs

Lenkoran (Lankeran) is a city in Azerbaijan, on the coast of the Caspian Sea, near the southern border to Iran. The Lenkoran medaillion is derived from a dragon motif… read more

Lot 163. Lesghi, North East Caucasus, ca.125 x 100 cm, circa 1870. Estimate EUR 1.000 to 1.200

Lesghi rugs

The Lesghis or the Lesghians are a name for a number of tribes of the northeast Caucasus… read more

Lori Pambak rugs

Pambak is a village in the Lori region of Armenia. The Lori Pambak motif is a large octogonal medaillion. .. read more

Marasali rugs

Marasali rugs are attributed to a village the Shirvan region of the Caucasus.  Especially prayer rugs with botehs are attributed to the village… read more

Moghan rugs

Moghan is a plain in southeast Caucasus bordering Iran. Moghan rugs are produced in the Caucasus and in the Transcaucasian region just above Iran… read more

Perepedil rugs

Caucasian Perepedil rugs have a rams horn design in the main field, often repeated throughout. Perepedil is a town southeast of Kuba in Daghestan… read more

Saliani rugs

Saliani is a town in the Shirvan region south of Baku and Shirvan. Rugs from this area have often a long format… read more

Seichur rugs

Seichur rugs are a subtype of Kuba rugs. Seychour (Zeychour) rugs are made in the Northeast Caucasus… read more

Shirvan rugs

Shirvan rugs are made in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan in the southeastern Caucasus. Many Shirvan rugs are made in prayer rug designs… read more

Talish rugs

Talish is an area in Southeastern Caucasus. Most Talish rugs have a long format and empty fields… read more

Zakatala rugs

Zakatala ( Zaqatala) is a town in the northern Azerbaijan in Caucasus. Zakatala rugs are from the surrounding villages. .. read more

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