Kum Kapi rugs

Kum Kapi (Kumkapı) is a quarter in Fatih district of Istanbul and is located along the northern shore of Marmara Sea. Kum Kapi was a center for the Armenian community and famous for the Armenian weavers silk and metallic thread rugs.

An antique Kum Kapi rug with metal brocade, Istanbul around 1910, “Sultan’s Head Prayer” design.(Bukowskis December 2020)
A ZAREH PENYAMIN KUM KAPI SILK AND METAL THREAD RUG,  Istanbul, Turkey, circa 1910 (Bonhams 7 October 2014)
A SILK AND METAL THREAD KUM KAPI RUG, Istanbul, Turkey, circa 1910, 179 x 127 cm. (Bonhams 7 October 2014)
Kumkapi carpet by Toussounian, an Armenian masterweaver, Istanbul circa 1900. Size 192 x 127cm. (Van Ham 30 October 2013)
Lot 225, an Avedis Tamishjian Kum Kapi silk and metal thread rug, Istanbul circa 1920. Size approximately 6ft. 8in. by 4ft. 8in. (2.03 by 1.42m.). (Sothebys 24 April 2013)
Lot 144. AN AVEDIS TAMISHJIAN KUM KAPI SILK AND METAL THREAD PRAYER RUG, ISTANBUL, NORTHWEST ANATOLIA Estimate: 40,000 – 60,000 USD “Avedis Tamishjian” Kufic signature in central metal thread palmette approximately 4ft. 2in. by 2ft. 11in. (1.27 by 0.89m.) circa 1920. (Sothebys 26 October 2012)

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