Karapinar rugs

Karapinar is a town in the Konya Province in Central Anatolia. See also our Karapinar rugs auction price guide.

Lot 53. The “Anchor” Carpet, Central Anatolia, Karapinar 1400-1500. 334 x 165 cm. Estimate EUR 120,000 – 150,000
Central Anatolian Karapinar rug circa 1800. Size 160 x 120. (Exhibitor David Sorgato at Hali Fair 2019)
Konya Karapinar from the 17th century. Found in the tomb of Sultan Aleaddin Keykubad in Konya (Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in Istanbul)
18th C. Karapinar Rug Fragment. (Exhibitor Patrick Pouler)
Anatolian Karapinar first half 19th century. Size 205 x 137. (Dorotheum 27 May 2013)
Karapinar, Central Anatolia, Konya region Dimensions: 231 x 145 cm Age: 17th century. (Rippon Boswell 19 May 2012)

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