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Hali London 24-30 June 2019 includes events, lectures, symposium, tours and also the Hali Fair. The Hali Fair will be open 27-30 June.

The Hali Fair will host twenty well-known international dealers, offering a wide range of old and antique oriental rugs and textile art, from collectors’ pieces to more affordable decorative objects. The rugs and textiles include Moroccan Berber rugs, suzani embroideries and ikat textiles, West African prestige cloths, as well as Persian carpets, tribal rugs and kilims.

A rare Arabatchi Chuval rug early 19th century. Size 138 x 66 cm. will be exhibited by David Sorgato

The exhibiting dealers include Alberto Levi Gallery, Brian Macdonald, Gallery Aydin, James Cohen, Menzel Galerie Nordafrika, Alexandra Sachs (Nomadno), Sadegh Memarian, Andy Lloyd, Clive Rogers, Gebhart Blazek, Joss Graham, Milani, Owen Parry, Serkan Sari, Achdjian Gallery, David Sorgato, Ian Stewart Shaw, Lombardo & Partners, Amin Motamedi, Said Aziz and Seref Ozen.

‘My specialist area is in African Textiles and specifically Kente textiles from West Africa. Kente textiles are from the Ewe people of the Volta region in Ghana, West Africa. These are prestige cloths worn only at important festivities’ said Hali Fair exhibitor Ian Stewart Shaw to Jozan Magazine.

‘We will exhibit a selection of 100 pieces and among them fragments of Turkmen tent bands, Indian Gujarati embriodered dress, batik from Indonesia, Central and North African textiles and also two highly rare and important Otomi Mexican embroideries’ said Berdj Achdjian to Jozan Magazine.

Preview examples of rugs and textiles on display at the fair

Fine old pile rug from the region around Boujad – Sraghna, Moroccan central plains, mid 20th century, 230 x 165 cm. Exhibitor Gebhart Blazek
Berber haik, Mejjat tribe, Anti-Atlas, southern Morocco, second half 20th century, 193 x 121 cm. Exhibitor Gebhart Blazek
Very rare Male Ewe Kente . Complicated floating figures representing the status of the individual owner. Very early 20th century. 280cm x 153cm. Exhibitor Ian Stewart Shaw
Ladies Ewe textile circa 1920. Probably worn by a female Elder , the dark blue representing age and wisdom. 195cm x 114 cm. Exhibitor Ian Stewart Shaw
Central Anatolian Karapinar rug circa 1800. Size 210 x 130 cm. Exhibitor David Sorgato
Shekarlu rug detail. Exhibitor Andy Lloyd
Serapi carpet detail. Exhibitor Andy Lloyd
Persian low part of trousers 69 x 44 cm. Exhibitor Berdj Achdjian
Central Asian Beshir cloudband rug 19th century 142x100cm. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Central Anatolian yastik mid 19th century 94 x 57 cm. Exhibitor Serkan Sari
Boujad 1970 – 1980. Size 200 x 120 cm. Exhibitor Nomadno
Berber haik, Meijat tribe second half 20th century. Size 204 x 117 cm. Exhibitor Nomadno
Armenian rug from Luristan, Iran. Exhibitor Berdj Achdjian
Antique Melas rug, first half of the 19th century. Size 113 x 173 cm. Exhibitor James Cohen
Antique Ersari main carpet circa 1850 188 x 262cm. Exhibitor James Cohen
Chanteh Afshar (58 x 43 cm) Exhibitor Sadegh Memarian at Hali London, Hali Fair 2019
Dagestan prayer rug (134 x 105 cm). Exhibitor Sadegh Memarian

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