Holbein rugs

Holbein rugs are taking their name from Hans Holbein the Younger, due to their depiction in European Renaissance paintings.

Large Holbein-Design Ushak Fragment 198 x 237 cm Turkey, 16th century. (Austria Auction Company 30 May 2020)

“Large-Pattern” Holbein Carpet Fragment, Turkey, 16th century, 3 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. 11 in.
(Skinner 28 April 2019)
16th century Holbein rug from Bergama. Found in the Seyh Baba Yusuf Mosque, Sivrihisar – Eskisehir. (Anatolian carpets in the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum – Istanbul)
16-17th century Holbein rug. Found in Ulu Divrigi – the Great Mosque in Divrigi in the Sivas region. (Vakiflar Hali Museum, Istanbul)
Large medallion Holbein carpet late 16th century (ICOC – Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art)
Holbein rug, first quarter 16th century named after the German painter Hans Holbein the Younger. (Ottoman Turkish Carpets – Exhibition in the Museum of Applied Arts)
Holbein carpet, Ushak 16th century. Museum für Islamische Kunst, Berlin