Vakiflar Hali Museum, Istanbul

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Vakiflar Carpet Museum is situated in the same building complex as the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Mosque). The museum includes ca. 60 Anatolian carpets from the 16th-19th century. Especially some 16-18th century carpets found in the Ulu Mosque in Divrigi in Eastern Anatolia in the Sivas region are very interesting. The display and the conditions in the Museum are not perfect. The rooms are pretty dark and an electric torch is highly recommended. Anyway – a visit at the museum is a “must” for a rug collector.

Vakiflar Hali Museum
Detail 18-19th century Ushak carpet
17-18th century Anatolian carpet. West Persian medallion design. Found in the Ulu Mosque, Divrigi
16th century Persian “Vase” carpet
16-17th century Holbein rug. Found in Ulu Divrigi ( the Great Mosque in Divrigi in the Sivas region)
17-18th century Ghiordes prayer rug found in the Serafettin Mosque in Konya.
18th century Ladik prayer rug found in the Serafettin Mosque in Konya.

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